Content Marketing

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand, as content and links are the two most important factors for determining search rankings. These posts will teach you how to be more effective with your content marketing.

By Sloan Roseberry
07 May 2019

PAGES at the Rockies Creative Awards, and a Farewell from the Standing Managing Editor

An announcement about PAGES's win at the Rockies, and a transition in the PAGES crew.
By Andrew Dennis
07 May 2019

Content Marketing and SEO: The Ultimate Content Strategy

Content marketing is creating content for humans, while SEO is creating organization and data for search engines. When integrated properly, can both make for a perfect content strategy?
By Joelle Irvine
18 Apr 2019

Audience & Algorithms: How to Optimize Your Content Strategy for 2019

Joelle Irvine shares Google's top signals for page quality and five tactics to ensure you are producing high-quality content, per Google’s guidelines.
By Thomas Swisher
26 Mar 2019

How to Audit Content Performance - Walkthrough and Free Template

It’s a good idea to audit your content’s performance if you have any important SEO or broader digital marketing initiatives in the works. In this post, you'll learn how to audit content performance and make sure your pages are supporting your online goals.
By Theresa Navarra
04 Mar 2019

How I Got Content Marketing and SEO on the Same Team

Where does SEO fit into a content marketing strategy? Theresa explains why putting SEO and content marketing on the same team is a recipe for success.
By Cory Collins
19 Feb 2019

The Return on Sharing Knowledge

SEO Strategist Cory Collins illustrates the importance of sharing SEO knowledge with clients and stakeholders with a story about one site's success.
By Eric Engle
11 Feb 2019

How to Measure SEO Results and ROI

How do you demonstrate the value of SEO? Eric Enge explains how to forecast and model revenue from investments in SEO in this post.
By Sloan Roseberry
02 Jan 2019

A Framework for Integrating SEO into Your Seasonal Marketing Strategy

This broadly-applicable framework for integrating seasonal campaigns can help you start developing a more strategic mindset toward search.
By Jordan Yocum
19 Sep 2018

Insights from Inbound 2018: An SEO's Perspective

Jordan Yocum from Page One Power recently attended Inbound 2018 and learned a lot about marketing and the sales process. In this post, he shares his major takeaways.
By Olga Andrienko
10 Sep 2018

Crafting Content Magic: Applying Keyword Research to Content Marketing

SEMrush's Olga Andrienko explains the role of keyword research in content marketing. Learn to create content for your audience and draw them to your site.