SEO Reporting

Google's search algorithm is a black box and nobody knows exactly how it works. SEOs have built a list of best practices based on testing and correlations, but nothing is ever guaranteed in SEO. This makes it difficult to report on SEO work, but these posts will help you track and report the right metrics for your campaigns.

By Kaitie Frank
18 Jan 2024

How To Know If Your SEO Agency Is Doing A Good Job

Learn how to determine if your SEO agency is doing a good job with these key considerations. From content quality to backlink quality, adherence to best practices, and communication and reporting, discover the signs of a reputable agency.
By Kaitie Frank
11 Jan 2024

How to Lose Your SEO Clients: Unrealistic Expectations

Avoid losing your SEO clients by setting realistic expectations, communicating effectively, educating them about the process, and focusing on long-term growth. In this informative blog post, learn how to manage client expectations and build a successful SEO campaign.
By Kaitie Frank
09 Jan 2024

How to Fail at SEO Reporting

Learn how to create effective SEO reports that drive results. Avoid common pitfalls, such as neglecting data fluctuations, relying solely on vanity metrics, overlooking competitor analysis, and ignoring user experience metrics. Address challenges and provide actionable recommendations to enhance your SEO strategies.
By Nick Cesare
03 Nov 2021

Is Google Biased?

Many people believe that Google is biased against particular views or websites. This is not the case. Google is biased, but they are biased in favor of good content and the interests of their paid advertisers.
By Cyrus Shepard
10 Nov 2020

A Brief SEO Reporting Interview with Cyrus Shepard

Today we're sharing a brief interview with Cyrus Shepard of Moz, from a recent issue of PAGES magazine. Cyrus discusses the topic of SEO reporting and shares insight and advice. Enjoy!
By Dana DiTomaso
28 Sep 2020

SEO Reporting: Prove Your Value

A common lamentation in the SEO world is that our stakeholders just “don’t get it.” But if you do a good job of communicating results from the very beginning of your project, you won’t need to convince them (as much) — they’ll know.
By Jordan Yocum
10 Mar 2020

From Lead to Partner: An SEO Tale

In this article, author Jordan Yocum breaks down what makes a great SEO partner, what signs to look for early on in the sales process, and how to attract more of these partners to your business.
By Connor Bonam
17 Feb 2020

Is There Bad Organic Traffic?

Is there bad organic traffic? Author Connor Bonam explains why all organic traffic is good traffic and why national traffic leads to more local traffic.
By Andrew Dennis
12 Feb 2020

Queries and Results -Relationships and Partnerships in SEO [VIDEO]

SEO Strategy     SEO Reporting     Media
In this video, Harris McMullin is joined by Hailey Laub and Tyler Bain to discuss client and agency relationships and how integral they are to successful SEO campaigns.
By Heather Physioc
05 Feb 2020

Building A Discoverability Powerhouse: Competitive Advantage Through Merging Organic Search, Paid Search, & Performance Content

Guest author Heather Physioc explains how you can integrate teams from multiple disciplines and specialties to create a discoverability team that can serve all of your client's goals.