SEO Reporting

Google's search algorithm is a black box and nobody knows exactly how it works. SEOs have built a list of best practices based on testing and correlations, but nothing is ever guaranteed in SEO. This makes it difficult to report on SEO work, but these posts will help you track and report the right metrics for your campaigns.

By Tom Clark
31 Aug 2015

How to Get Clients Excited about Link Building

Tom Clark, director of an SEO agency, explains how he introduces link building to clients after performing successful on-page SEO - especially if they're stuck in the SERPs.
By Andrew Dennis
11 Aug 2015

Analyzing Organic Traffic and Keywords with SEOmonitor – Tutorial Tuesday

SEOmonitor is a powerful tool that leverages data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
By Andrew Dennis
21 Jul 2015

Quick Site Analysis Using Majestic – Tutorial Tuesday

Today's Tutorial Tuesday will teach you to use Majestic to quickly evaluate a domain for link acquisition.
By Jon Ball
08 Jul 2015

What Should I Look for in a Link Building Agency?

As the owner of a link building company, I probably think about links and link building more than most. I am passionate about links because I have seen time and again the positive impact they can have on real businesses, and real people.
By Andrew Dennis
30 Jun 2015

Using the MozBar to Quickly Analyze Link Prospects – Tutorial Tuesday

Link prospecting can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of a link building campaign. However, the MozBar can help you streamline your prospecting to be more efficient, leaving more time for other aspects of your campaign.
By Andrew Dennis
19 May 2015

Checking Mobile Traffic after Google's Mobile-friendly Update - Tutorial Tuesday

Due to all the recent hoopla surrounding the announcement of Google’s Mobile algorithm update, I thought I’d cover a topic related to mobile search. Specifically, I’m going to walk you through how to check mobile search traffic for your site, and identify if there have been any major changes since the update.

By Jesse Stoler
13 May 2015

Mobilegeddon: SEO, Fear, and the Echo Chamber

Despite the minimal impact, it was hard NOT to hear about all things Mobilegeddon over the course of the last two months; how Mobilegeddon was going to forever change search; how it was going to cause an inordinate amount of mayhem. The problem is, it didn’t. And as SEOs, we knew better.
By Andrew Dennis
07 Apr 2015

Using WordPress Site Stats to Monitor Site Performance (Part 2) – Tutorial Tuesday

Last week, in part one of this tutorial, we explored some of the data that is provided within WordPress through the Jetpack “Site Stats” plugin. Today we will wrap up what we started in part one, and look at the rest of the information we can glean from Site Stats.

By Andrew Dennis
31 Mar 2015

Using WordPress Site Stats to Monitor Site Performance (Part 1) – Tutorial Tuesday

It’s that time of week again Linkarati readers - time for another edition of Tutorial Tuesday, our weekly series where we walk you through a useful digital marketing tool, process, or strategy. This week we’ll be tackling one of my greatest personal nemeses, WordPress. Specifically, we will be taking a look at the information provided within WordPress Site Stats.

By Andrew Dennis
06 Jan 2015

Using Twitter Analytics to Review Your Year on Twitter – Tutorial Tuesday

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday will delve into how you can use Twitter Analytics to review your past year on Twitter.