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Our expert SEO consultants can help you understand how your business decisions can impact the success of your website, and how decisions about your site can impact your business. 

Whether you’re facing an issue with your site, or you’d like to get ahead of the competition and develop an SEO strategy, we can help.

What are search engine optimization consulting services?

SEO consulting services connect you to our team of experienced SEO experts who will advise you on best practices for optimizing your website.

Search engine optimization is complex; over 200 factors are involved in determining the search rankings of a website. Through our SEO consultation, you'll work with experienced experts who understand how small decisions about your website can have a big impact on its optimization.

Every website and business is unique, but no matter your needs, our team can help you develop and implement the right SEO strategy.

The scope and cost of each consulting project will depend on your goals, opportunities, and needs. Cost of our consulting services is $300 an hour, and our services require a minimum of 5 hours of consulting services per month.

We have years of experience in growth-focused SEO. We can help you address specific concerns and goals, like a drop in rankings, acquiring keywords, transitioning from HTTP to HTTPS, and resolving penalties.

We can also help you develop a more robust organic search presence, reducing the cost of search engine marketing (SEM) and your reliance on paid search, or a plan for improving content marketing strategy.

Ultimately, our work will help you achieve real results from your SEO investment. Our goal will be to help you gain knowledge that empowers you to make great decisions about the optimization of your site.

No matter if your goals are long-term, or you're looking for a few quick wins in the short-term, we'll consider you our partner. Great SEO work is achieved when we work as a team.


What is included in our SEO Consulting services?

SEO consulting services provide you with strategic advising on a variety of situations, including:

1. Content & SEO Strategy Development                   4. Link Strategy & Backlink Auditing                    
2. SEO Auditing                                                             5. Ongoing Site Monitoring with Monthly Reporting
3. Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis            6. Site Migration and Redesign


We'll begin by discussing your goals and unique situation to determine how we can best help you succeed in search.

Our first step in the consulting process is to get to know you and your business.

We'll start with a call to discuss your goals, challenges, and team. During this call, you'll get to know your SEO consultant, who will support you throughout your partnership with us.

Next, our SEO specialists will begin investigating your opportunities.

We start with recommendations that will have the biggest impact on your site's success. We'll always prioritize the SEO work that makes the most of your investment.

Our team has a wide range of specializations in technical and creative SEO.

Together, we'll help you reach your search goals, driving more traffic, better rankings, and measurable results from your search presence.

Meet our SEO consultants


Colby Stream

Colby is an experienced SEO who takes a creative approach to problem solving, with each decision backed by analytic thinking.

Colby excels in developing and tracking KPI metrics through Google Analytics, Advanced Web Ranking, and SEMrush. The defining characteristic of his SEO consulting is a logical and analytical approach. He'll provide technical insights and reliable support to help your business succeed online.


 Nick Katseanes 

Nick is an SEO consultant with years of experience helping clients succeed in search.

Nothing makes Nick happier than the hard work of his team paying dividends for clients. His goal is to understand your business, build a partnership, and guide you through each step of your SEO project. He understands what sites need to succeed in search, and loves helping clients reach their search goals.


Tyler Bain

Tyler will be an experienced and enthusiastic addition to your SEO team.

Tyler is a born communicator and loves creative problem solving. He'll be dedicated to discovering SEO opportunities that will make your site stand out on the web. Tyler takes the success of his clients' businesses personally, and his team is his family. He always looks for opportunities to help his clients and team achieve more.

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