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Page One Power + Keyword Research

All organic traffic comes from typing keywords into search, and our experience with clients big and small allows us to identify organic search opportunities within any industry.

Strategic keyword research guides SEO. Our research analyzes current website performance, competitor strategies, and searcher behavior within your industry.

Keyword research drives any SEO initiative, guiding strategy, prioritization, and execution. Proper keyword research ensures you're working efficiently and maximizing the return on your SEO investment.

Keyword Research Deliverables



You receive a detailed PDF report which highlights top findings, keyword analysis, and recommendations. The report distills the extensive research and analysis from our team to provide a high-level, actionable plan for implementation.


You receive Excel spreadsheets containing all corresponding data from research and analysis, segmented into meaningful insights. The spreadsheets ensure you receive maximum value and have access to all interesting data points.


After research and analysis, you receive personal consultation to explain key takeaways, opportunities, and guidance for implementation. Typical consultation lasts around one hour, but our consultants are happy to answer ongoing questions via email or on additional phone calls.

 * = All reports are delivered within 30 days


Keyword research provides the insight and road map to ensure future work will return the results you need. Without keyword research, you won't have a target to aim at.

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Your keyword research identifies organic traffic opportunities in your niche and the ways to maximize these opportunities.

Keyword Research builds a Foundation for seO success.

The Process

Keyword research is a six-step process.

1. SITE REVIEW                                 4. SEGMENTATION
3. NICHE REVIEW                             6. CONSULTATION


Keyword research services start at $1,500, based upon your site's complexity and keyword goals.


Keyword research begins with a review of your website's current performance in keyword rankings and organic traffic.

After reviewing your site, we analyze 3-5 primary search competitors based on keyword overlap and relevance.

To ensure we don't miss any gaps, we conduct industry research to identify niche-specific keywords important to your audience.

Once we've identified all keywords and themes, we manually segment keywords to maximize opportunity.

We then share all segmented Excel data and summary PDFs highlighting keyword opportunities, trends, and themes.

After reports are shared, our consultant sets up a call to discuss the analysis, recommendations, and implementation.

Every site is unique, and we customize keyword research to meet your needs.

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