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By Kaitie Frank
08 Dec 2023

What Does Google Consider Low-Quality Content?

Learn how Google defines low-quality content and what factors contribute to it. Discover the importance of E-E-A-T, the impact of distracting ads, and how to fix low-quality content on your website. Enhance your website's credibility and rank higher in search engine results.
By Kaitie Frank
07 Dec 2023

November Core Update Shows to be More Volatile Than October Core Update

Discover the impact of the November 2023 core update on search rankings and learn how to assess your content to ensure it meets Google's standards. Find out what Google recommends and explore helpful questions to troubleshoot your site.
By Kaitie Frank
05 Dec 2023

How Does Google Define Quality Content?

Learn how Google defines quality content and how you can create it. Discover the key attributes of quality content, including expertise, page experience, and people-first content. Improve your content quality and maximize your ranking potential with these expert tips.
By Kaitie Frank
04 Dec 2023

Google Announces New Organization Markup Data

Google expands support for organizational information in search results, making it easier for searchers to find business details. Learn how this new feature can benefit your site and drive qualified traffic.
By Kaitie Frank
01 Dec 2023

6 SEO Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Discover the top 6 SEO trends to watch out for in 2024, including artificial intelligence, voice search optimization, video SEO, and more. Stay ahead in the digital landscape and optimize your content for success.
By Kaitie Frank
29 Nov 2023

How Long Do Backlinks Take to Start Working?

Discover how long it takes for backlinks to start working and the impact they have on SEO. From indexing to ranking, learn the factors that influence backlink effectiveness and how to manage expectations for long-term success.
By Kaitie Frank
28 Nov 2023

Google Announces New Structured Data Support for Forums and Profiles

Google announces new structured data support for forums and profiles, providing content creators with more control over their search results appearance. This update can lead to increased visibility, engagement, and audience growth.
By Kaitie Frank
28 Nov 2023

How Much Will Backlinks Matter in 2024?

Discover why backlinks will continue to be crucial for SEO in 2024. Learn how they contribute to website authority, user experience, and adaptability to algorithm changes. Prioritize quality over quantity for sustained online visibility and search engine rankings.
By Kaitie Frank
27 Nov 2023

Understanding Toxic Links in SEO: Definition, Examples, and Strategies for Mitigation

Learn how toxic links can harm your website's SEO and discover strategies for mitigating their negative impact. Understand what toxic links are, how they can affect your rankings, and how to identify and remove them. Don't let toxic links hinder your website's success!
By Kaitie Frank
22 Nov 2023

Reflecting on the Positive Aspects of SEO in 2023

Discover the positive aspects of SEO in 2023, from algorithm updates to the power of AI and the importance of content creation. Explore how SEO professionals support each other and the tools that help navigate this ever-evolving industry. Happy Thanksgiving!