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By Kaitie Frank
15 May 2024

Google SGE Goes Live

Discover how Google's AI Overviews revolutionize search with generative AI, enhancing user experience and offering new SEO opportunities.
By Kaitie Frank
13 May 2024

Site Reputation Abuse Policy Is In Full Effect

Learn about Google's new site reputation abuse policy and the manual actions taken against sites violating it. Understand what constitutes abuse and how to check if your site is affected.
By Kaitie Frank
09 May 2024

Why You Still Need Links (Even Though Everyone Says You Don’t)

Discover why links are still crucial in SEO, despite Google's evolving algorithms. Learn how backlinks drive traffic, boost brand visibility, and establish credibility in the digital landscape.
By Kaitie Frank
29 Apr 2024

March Core Update Ended on April 19

Discover the impact of Google's March core update on search results and how it aims to reduce low-quality content. SEOs can navigate the post-update landscape with the new Algorithmic Update resource.
By Kaitie Frank
18 Apr 2024

Content Quality in the Era of Google's 2024 Updates: Best Practices for Sustainable SEO Growth

Discover the key elements of high-quality content in the era of Google's 2024 updates. Learn best practices for sustainable SEO growth and how to prioritize user intent to stay ahead in rankings.
By Kaitie Frank
11 Apr 2024

Spotlight on E-E-A-T: Enhancing Trustworthiness Post-2024 March Core Update

Enhance your website's E-E-A-T with expert insights from Google's 2024 March Core Update. Learn strategies to improve trustworthiness and user experience for higher search rankings.
By Kaitie Frank
11 Apr 2024

When to Fix Your Site During an Update, According to Google

Learn when to address site issues during a Google core update. Discover tips from Google's John Mueller on improving user experience and growing alternate traffic sources while waiting for the update to complete.
By Kaitie Frank
09 Apr 2024

Measuring Digital PR Success: Metrics That Matter

Learn how to measure digital PR success with essential metrics like backlinks, media mentions, website traffic, lead generation, and conversions. Boost your SEO strategy with digital PR tactics.
By Kaitie Frank
04 Apr 2024

Google's Forum Carousel Raises Concerns Among SEO Experts

Google's forum carousel in SERPs raises concerns among SEO experts, particularly in YMYL topics. See how this impacts search results and learn how SEOs can adapt to this evolving landscape.
By Kaitie Frank
02 Apr 2024

Don’t Focus on Amount Of Links, According to John Mueller

Discover why focusing on quality over quantity is essential for link building in SEO. Learn from Google's John Mueller's advice on backlinks and how it impacts website ranking and discoverability.