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By Kaitie Frank
22 Feb 2024

Google Adds Structured Data Support for Product Variants

Enhance your online shopping experience with Google's new structured data support for product variants, allowing merchants to showcase a wider range of products to users.
By Kaitie Frank
21 Feb 2024

This Small Site Complained About Being Outranked by Larger Sites — While Being Outranked

HouseFresh wrote an article complaining that small sites like theirs were outranked by larger sites. In an unsurprising twist, their article was outranked by Reddit. Learn more here.
By Kaitie Frank
20 Feb 2024

Google Tests “Forums” in Search Bar Menu

Google is testing a new Forums filter in search results, prioritizing forum discussions. Learn how this update enhances user experience and search dynamics.
By Kaitie Frank
19 Feb 2024

Building Strong Relationships: The Key to Successful Link Building

Learn how to build a strong foundation for successful link building with the Relationship Pyramid strategy. Enhance your SEO efforts and cultivate meaningful connections for long-term success.
By Kaitie Frank
15 Feb 2024

Google Fights Fake Reviews with Updated Machine Learning Algorithm

Google fights the rise of fake reviews with an updated machine learning algorithm. Learn how this algorithm detects and removes fake reviews to protect businesses and maintain trust in online information.
By Kaitie Frank
14 Feb 2024

Link Blind Date: How to Evaluate the Quality of Potential Link Partners

Learn how to evaluate the quality of potential link partners in SEO. Discover the importance of relevance, domain authority, content quality, and more in building strong and lasting link relationships.
By Kaitie Frank
13 Feb 2024

How Long Will It Take To Recover From the Helpful Content Update? Google Explains.

Learn how Google's Helpful Content Update is affecting SEOs and what it takes to recover from it. Discover the insights shared by Google Search Liason Danny Sullivan and why creating helpful content is crucial for long-term success.
By Kaitie Frank
12 Feb 2024

Don’t Fall For a Cheap Link Affair

Investing in high-quality backlinks is crucial for long-term SEO success. Learn why cheap links can harm your website's reputation and discover the benefits of building relationships with authoritative websites. Find out how to craft a sustainable link-building strategy that focuses on quality content, audience-centric approach, relationship building, and ethical practices. Choose quality over quantity and prioritize long-term results for your website's SEO.
By Kaitie Frank
08 Feb 2024

Google Aims to Clarify “E-E-A-T” and User Quality Guidelines

Google clarifies that E-A-T is not a ranking factor in their new SEO starter guide. SEOs should focus on creating people-first content to satisfy users and align with Google's automated systems.
By Kaitie Frank
07 Feb 2024

Google Releases New SEO Starter Guide

Google has released a refreshed SEO Starter Guide, sparking mixed reactions. The shorter guide aims to provide a concise overview of SEO for beginners, while still covering essential topics. Check it out to stay updated on the latest best practices and strategies.