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Let's build excellence together.

Page One Power is a startup SEO agency based in Boise, Idaho. We specialize in link building, which is the marketing-centric element of SEO. We're hiring Treasure Valley residents.

Navigating the web, Analyzing Websites, Value Propositions, Manual Promotion, persuasive emails, And Writing are core to what we Do.

At Page One Power we believe hiring is the most important investment into our future. We strive for excellence — in our staff, our culture, and the value we create for our clients.



(What is a link builder?)

A Link Builder is an SEO that specializes in securing links on Websites that point BACK to our clients' sites.

These links improve our client's rankings in Google, build relationships, and tap into audiences — increasing our client's traffic and revenue.

It will be your job to communicate professionally with website owners and build links to clients' websites.


Perpetual Learners.

We understand not everyone will come to us honed in SEO, but we expect our staff to have a desire to learn. The undeniable itch to understand everything will be invaluable as a link builder. You're the type of person who always looks for the next opportunity and wants to understand how to overcome every obstacle you encounter.

Great link builders research a topic to exhaustion, following the rabbit hole down until their knowledge base of the topic is sufficient to answer the given problem. You're always learning and applying that new knowledge to your current projects.

Problem Solvers.

Running into a roadblock isn't a disappointment or hindrance; it's the beginning of the fun. Building links online requires grit and determination. Every campaign will be fraught with issues, obstacles, and potential problems.

It is your job to take objections and issues and overcome. We deeply believe in the power of teamwork at Page One Power so you'll never be stuck alone, but independent thinking should be part and parcel to your nature.

Tech Enthusiasts.

Search engine optimization is a technical discipline.

Computer use should be second nature to you at this point. You should know how the web works, and be excited to help clients perform better online. And be ready to learn more about technology, because we have plenty to teach you.

Excellent Communicators.

Team collaboration and email messages are cornerstones of life at Page One Power. Those who thrive here learn that communication has to be clear, concise, and personalized.

When it comes to email, every word is chosen with care and furthers your message in a way that communicates value and answers questions before they're asked.

Sound Like You?
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at Page One Power

What is the company culture at Page One Power?

Culture is best experienced first-hand. To Understand who we are, you need to work a mile in our shoes.

A few driving factors of culture at Page One Power:

our Staff

our values

our leadership

Every staff member has a direct impact on our organization, and we wouldn't have it any other way. We strive to bring in people who want to create a lasting impact. If affecting change is part of your belief system, welcome to Page One Power.

The Perks

And Benefits

The best part of working at Page One Power is the people who work here. We value each and every single one of our staff, and want everyone in our organization to lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

Here's our commitment to making that happen:


• Dual-option health insurance.
• Vision insurance.
• Dental insurance.
• HSA with company match.
• 401(k) with company match.
• Supplemental insurance options.
• 2-weeks paid parental leave.
• Paid Gym Membership w/ +1.


• 4-day work week (4/10s).
• Birthday lunch with leadership.
• Unlimited cereal bar.
• Unlimited coffee and tea.
• Two full-size breakrooms.
• Company BBQs and lunches.
• Monthly on-site fitness classes.
• Monthly team incentive budgets.