One simple technical mistake on your site could cost you 1,000's of visitors each month.

Regular audits will help you uncover minor issues before they become major. We'll scrub your site and provide you a list of improvements that should be made. With that list in hand, you decide how aggressively you address them.

We have a variety of auditing services that will provide you with your top recommendations, and peace of mind.




An audit provides a roadmap to improved rankings.

The first step towards improved search rankings is making sure your site is properly optimized.

SEO auditing helps you prioritize the work that will have the biggest impact on your success in search, beginning with the assets you already have on hand, your website. This step ensures your off-page optimization and link building work will lead to results that have a direct impact on your ROI.


We perform SEO consulting and technical audits for sites of all sizes. Our typical audits start at $2,500 but a custom quote can be provided for special projects.


On-Site SEO Auditing

Is your "Check Website" light on? Just like your car, your website needs regular maintenance to sustain a high level of performance. We provide general technical SEO auditing and SEO consulting services to sites of all sizes.

Keyword Research

Your customers need your help right now. Is your website optimized for the keywords they're using? Keyword research helps you discover keyword opportunities, improves on-page optimization, and ensures your content is aligned with your goals.

Penalty Recovery

Are you losing traffic because you have been slapped by a penalty? You need an audit to determine the cause of the penalty, find a remedy, and get back on track. We've helped many clients recover from the negative impact of penalties.

Website Migrations

Whether you're planning a migration or recently completed one, you need to double-check everything went smoothly.

We can help you plot the proper course or identify and resolve any technical issues that might have come from recent migrations.

Traffic Loss Diagnosis

Wondering where your traffic went? 

Whether it was the result of an algorithm update, penalty, technical issue, or something else, our team will get to the root of the issue so you can win back the traffic you deserve.

New Website Launch

You've put a lot of time and effort into launching your new site. The last thing you want to see is the traffic decline as a result.

We're here to help you make sure there are no loose ends left undone so you can focus on celebrating the launch of your new site.



You need relevant, reputable links and strategic, well-written content to grow your brand. We've got 11 years of experience doing just that for our clients, and we're ready to help you.


Every site is unique. We'll tailor your audit to meet your needs.

  • Site Structure
  • Internal Linking
  • Technical Errors
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Search Engine Indexing
  • Analytics Implementation
  • Page Speed and Load Time
  • Crawlability and Accessibility
  • Site Security
  • Broken Links
  • Rankings Drops
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Duplicate Content Issues
  • Penalization Risk and Cleanup
  • And More




We'll start with a consultation to assess your specific needs and to gain a clear understanding of your site's SEO history, known problems, and business goals.



Once we have access to Google Analytics and Search Console, we'll perform the audit and write a report on our findings. 



We'll discuss the findings and support the implementation of our suggestions as needed.


Reporting Sheets and Documents

  • Site crawl data
  • Prioritization of problems
  • Recommendations and solutions
  • Explanations of issues discovered
  • Additional observations and thoughts
  • Documentation of important findings
  • Active communication with your team

Dedicated Consultation and Support

  • Dedicated assistance from SEO consultants
  • Unrestricted access to your Project Manager
  • Implementation support
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SEO Auditing Service FAQs

An SEO audit is a review of your website that evaluates various factors that contribute to your site’s ability to rank within organic search. Regular SEO audits will help you uncover minor issues before they become major problems.

SEO auditing services are provided by SEO agencies and include an inspection of your website to find problems or issues holding your site back in the organic search results. These services typically include documentation of found issues, recommendations for fixes, and consultation throughout implementation.

The length of time it takes to conduct an SEO audit will depend on the size and complexity of your website, but in general SEO audits take 4-6 weeks to complete. You need to be as thorough as possible during an SEO audit to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Yes, you should regularly audit your website, and unless you are an experienced SEO professional, you will need to pay a consultant or agency for the audit. Some of the quickest ways to improve your website’s performance in search is through fixing issues found during an SEO audit.

To perform an SEO audit, you will need a website crawling tool, such as Screaming Frog, that can crawl all the URLs on your site. With these tools you can uncover technical issues with your site, such as broken links, redirect chains, orphaned pages, etc. Of course, it takes a trained eye to properly diagnose issues and recommend the appropriate fixes.

You can check estimates of your average search positions within Google Search Console, or pay for a third-party tool that will provide SEO keyword rankings for your various pages. Of course, you can also manually review the search engine results pages (SERPs) too.