SEO Reporting

Google's search algorithm is a black box and nobody knows exactly how it works. SEOs have built a list of best practices based on testing and correlations, but nothing is ever guaranteed in SEO. This makes it difficult to report on SEO work, but these posts will help you track and report the right metrics for your campaigns.

By Andrew Dennis
07 Apr 2015

Using WordPress Site Stats to Monitor Site Performance (Part 2) – Tutorial Tuesday

Last week, in part one of this tutorial, we explored some of the data that is provided within WordPress through the Jetpack “Site Stats” plugin. Today we will wrap up what we started in part one, and look at the rest of the information we can glean from Site Stats.

By Andrew Dennis
31 Mar 2015

Using WordPress Site Stats to Monitor Site Performance (Part 1) – Tutorial Tuesday

It’s that time of week again Linkarati readers - time for another edition of Tutorial Tuesday, our weekly series where we walk you through a useful digital marketing tool, process, or strategy. This week we’ll be tackling one of my greatest personal nemeses, WordPress. Specifically, we will be taking a look at the information provided within WordPress Site Stats.

By Andrew Dennis
06 Jan 2015

Using Twitter Analytics to Review Your Year on Twitter – Tutorial Tuesday

This week’s Tutorial Tuesday will delve into how you can use Twitter Analytics to review your past year on Twitter.
By Jesse Stoler
17 Dec 2014

Google Penguin Moving to Continuous Updates

Back in October, Google updated their Penguin algorithm for the first time in more than a year, an event many webmasters and SEOs had been anxiously awaiting. Any website affected by the Penguin algorithm couldn't recover until either a refresh or update happened. That meant that for more than a year, websites impacted by Penguin had zero opportunity for recovery.
By Andrew Dennis
02 Dec 2014

Monitoring Google Algorithm Changes – Tutorial Tuesday

In this week’s tutorial I will be covering the processes and tools associated with monitoring Google algorithm changes and updates.
By Jesse Stoler
25 Sep 2014

Private Blog Networks Manually Penalized: Continuing Google Trends

Every so often, there seems to be another tactic that dominates SEO/link building. Sometimes these tactics start off perfectly fine, but quickly get abused by spammers. Other times, the tactic is clearly an attempt at devious manipulation from the get go.
By Don Sturgill
22 Sep 2014

The My Blog Guest Penalty -- Right or Wrong?

It has now been over six months since Google dropped the bomb on guest blogging; let's take a look at what folks are thinking now ... with the My Blog Guest (MBG) penalty in the rear-view mirror.
By Cory Collins
16 Sep 2014

404 Link Reclamation Using Google Webmaster Tools – Tutorial Tuesday

In this step by step tutorial we cover link reclamation by finding links pointing to 404 pages on your website via Google Webmaster Tools.

By Jesse Stoler
04 Sep 2014

Search Traffic Vs. Social Traffic: Interesting Data From BrightEdge

Every business and every blogger thinks that social media is the most effective traffic generator available. I like to think of it as the Upworthy Syndrome. After all, social is now the top Internet activity according to Business Insider. It’s also still the new kid on the block, relatively speaking anyway.

By Cory Collins
03 Sep 2014

Google Drops Authorship – What You Need to Know

As of Thursday, August 28th, Google’s canceled the Google Authorship program, dropping all support of Google Authorship from search. This marks the end of just over three years of support of Google Authorship, which Google originally released in June 2011.