Content Marketing

Content marketing and SEO go hand in hand, as content and links are the two most important factors for determining search rankings. These posts will teach you how to be more effective with your content marketing.

By Andrew Dennis
26 Feb 2020

Page One Power Through the Years: A 10 Year Celebration

Page One Power is 10 years old! It's been an incredible ride here at P1P over the last 10 years, and I wanted to take this opportunity to look back at where the company started and how it has grown and changed over this time.
By Andrew Dennis
04 Oct 2019

Integrating SEO and PR: Best Frenemies

Why can't we be friends? Andrew Dennis walks us through how to take SEO and PR from frenemies to BFFs to help brands succeed online. We promise no singing.
By Julia McCoy
26 Sep 2019

How to Build a Content Strategy Foundation for Mighty Content Marketing

Julia McCoy explains how to build a content strategy foundation for mighty content marketing and creating a plan to avoid setbacks.
By Andrew Dennis
12 Sep 2019

A Guide to Creating Content for Traffic and Links

If your goal is to improve the organic performance of your site, you’ll need a healthy mix of content that can consistently earn links and content that can rank for targeted keywords. You need both types of content to reliably rank new pages and be successful in search.
By Norm Vogele
01 Aug 2019

Links Are Earned, Not Given: Why Your Content Isn't Link-Worthy (And How to Fix It)

Links are earned by offering content of value to an actual, specific audience. Your content doesn’t “deserve” links just for existing on the web; neither does your website. Create content worth linking to, then share it with relevant websites to earn links that matter.
By Britney Muller
17 Jul 2019

Prioritizing SEO Tasks for Maximum Results

Learn how to prioritize your SEO tasks from Moz's own Senior SEO Scientist, Britney Muller.
By David Schulhof
07 Jun 2019

School for Search: Bringing Search Marketing to Universities

Search as a focus within the marketing field emerged alongside the web.
By Vince Nero
21 May 2019

The Power of Link Intent

You've heard of sharable content. What about linkable content? Vince Nero explains how to create content that earns links with ease.
By Norm Vogele
15 May 2019

Google is Not a Search Engine — It's an Advertising Platform

Google is an advertising platform first, and a search engine second. If you accept this simple truth, you will better understand how SEO can help you — and what a real SEO strategy actually means.
By Vince Nero
08 May 2019

Extending Your Reach: Creating Content for Multiple Outreach Markets

Siege Media's Vince Nero shares a method to jumpstart your content creation process and extend your link building opportunities.