Advanced SEO

There is so much to learn in SEO and things continuously change as search evolves, that even SEO veterans can still learn a thing or two. Check out these posts for advanced tactics and strategies.

By Cory Collins
16 Aug 2016

Keyword research to increase traffic with SEMrush (Video) - Tutorial Tuesday

In this post (and video!) I demonstrate how to use keyword research to increase traffic, identifying which keywords are sending search traffic to your website.
By Cory Collins
12 Jul 2016

Finding Brand Mentions with BuzzSumo (with Video) - Tutorial Tuesday

Are you monitoring mentions of your brand online? BuzzSumo will help you monitor brand mentions, competitors, viral content, backlinks, and more. Full video.
By Andrew Dennis
08 Jun 2016

Enterprise SEO Panel Recap - A Page One Power Webinar

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Page One Power hosted a panel webinar about the topic of enterprise SEO. The webinar was moderated by Nicholas Chimonas and the expert panel consisted of Erin Everhart, John Doherty, and Marshall Simmonds.
By Andrew Dennis
17 May 2016

Moz's Keyword Explorer (KWE) Walkthrough – Tutorial Tuesday

Moz released a new keyword research tool called Moz Keyword Explorer, and it is awesome. This tutorial walks through how to use Keyword Explorer.
By Kate Smith
20 Apr 2016

Finding Sites and Locating Audiences for Obscure Products

Are you looking to market your website and build links? This post will help you find where your audience is active online, with tools and tips!
By Andrew Dennis
15 Mar 2016

SearchFest 2016 Coverage – A Page One Power Recap

A recap of Page One Power's trip to Portland to attend SearchFest 2016, including coverage of the great sessions we sat in on and the information gleaned.
By Ben Richardson
18 Jan 2016

Creating an Excel Macro for SEO

Have a repetitive task in Excel? Why not create a macro, and have Excel automate the task with a click of a button? Full walkthrough on how and why to create an Excel Macro.
By Andrew Dennis
29 Dec 2015

Find and Research Influencers with BuzzStream Discovery – Tutorial Tuesday

Today I want to share a process for finding niche influencers with a new tool from BuzzStream named “Discovery”.
By Kate Smith
02 Dec 2015

Search Competitor Analysis with SERPstat— Tutorial Tuesday

SERPstat is a search tool on the rise. We'll show you how it can help you effectively spy on your competitors' search and optimization efforts.
By Andrew Dennis
30 Oct 2015

Google's RankBrain Algorithm: What, How and Why?

On Monday Bloomberg Business broke the story of RankBrain, a new algorithm, which Google claims is already the third most important ranking signal in search. RankBrain affects a significant amount of search queries, roughly 15 percent of all searches in Google.