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Creating a Prospecting List for BuzzMarker with Unlinked URLs - Tutorial Tuesday

Almost daily, I run into the problem of having to manually copy and paste each site into my browser address bar to evaluate each website to determine if it is a possible target. That’s why I want to share a method I've used to quickly create a Prospecting list in BuzzStream with a list of unlinked URLs.

By Andrew Dennis
08 Oct 2014

5 Potential Red Flags in Your Backlink Profile

Identifying these issues within your profile will help guide you to remove useless links that don’t make sense from a human perspective.
By Jesse Stoler
07 Oct 2014

Finding Your Competitors' Top Performing Pages with OSE - Tutorial Tuesday

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Tutorial Tuesday here on Linkarati! Each Tuesday, we thoroughly dissect an individual link building process. This week, I will be talking about how to find your competitors’ top performing pages by using Open Site Explorer.

By Andrew Dennis
02 Oct 2014

Why I Love Link Building (SEO)

I love link building. I’ll admit that’s not something I’d have ever imagined saying just three years ago – because frankly I didn’t know what link building was.
By Jesse Stoler
01 Oct 2014

The Importance of Value Proposition

You know that your site has unique value, but the webmaster you’re pitching doesn’t. If he/she knew that value, you wouldn’t have to be pitching them because they would likely be linking to you already. And the value you can provide for site A can differ from what you can provide for site B. This makes blanket pitches highly ineffective.

I’m talking about value proposition, a crucial component of any marketing campaign. If you don’t explicitly state the value of what you have to offer to your audience, your audience is not going to see it for you.

By Cory Collins
30 Sep 2014

Creating an Outreach List with Google Docs - Tutorial Tuesday

Each and every week we work hard to bring you a simple, easy to follow tutorial on an SEO or link building process, tactic, or strategy. This week we’ll be focusing on creating a useful, functional outreach list for free with Google Docs.
By Jesse Stoler
25 Sep 2014

Private Blog Networks Manually Penalized: Continuing Google Trends

Every so often, there seems to be another tactic that dominates SEO/link building. Sometimes these tactics start off perfectly fine, but quickly get abused by spammers. Other times, the tactic is clearly an attempt at devious manipulation from the get go.
By Cory Collins
24 Sep 2014

Improving Outreach Response: 5 Human Methods

To build real, worthwhile links requires an intentional, editorial effort from another human behind a relevant website. The game of link building (really all of marketing) then is to convince another person that you’re worthy of their audience, their exposure.
By Andrew Dennis
23 Sep 2014

Using Advanced Search Modifiers: Finding Brand Mentions – Tutorial Tuesday

Brand mentions are when someone on the web talks about or mentions your company or brand. These mentions can often be leveraged for natural and worthwhile links as your brand is already being referenced. Finding brand mentions should absolutely be a consideration in your link building campaign.

By Don Sturgill
22 Sep 2014

The My Blog Guest Penalty -- Right or Wrong?

It has now been over six months since Google dropped the bomb on guest blogging; let's take a look at what folks are thinking now ... with the My Blog Guest (MBG) penalty in the rear-view mirror.