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By Andrew Dennis
17 Sep 2014

The Impact of Google's Penguin Algorithm on SEO

Recent comments from Google’s John Mueller in a Google+ video hangout seemed to validate the speculation that a Penguin update will be coming in the near future. In preparation of an impending update, let’s take a look at the impact Penguin has had on the SEO industry and how it will continue to affect SEO moving forward.

By Cory Collins
16 Sep 2014

404 Link Reclamation Using Google Webmaster Tools – Tutorial Tuesday

In this step by step tutorial we cover link reclamation by finding links pointing to 404 pages on your website via Google Webmaster Tools.

By Andrew Dennis
11 Sep 2014

Niche Analysis in New Industries

Link building is no longer a one-off marketing cost that you can fire and forget. Link building needs to be intelligently and appropriately directed; link building needs to be an accurate representation of your company.

By Jesse Stoler
10 Sep 2014

Ego Bait for Links, Visibility, and Authority

In my mind, Ego Bait is really just about attempting to engage influencers to further amplify your work and build links. It's a very basic marketing/psychology principle - the element of reciprocity. If you positively feature another person, they're more likely to return the favor. In this case, through social media shares and maybe even a link.

By Jesse Stoler
04 Sep 2014

Search Traffic Vs. Social Traffic: Interesting Data From BrightEdge

Every business and every blogger thinks that social media is the most effective traffic generator available. I like to think of it as the Upworthy Syndrome. After all, social is now the top Internet activity according to Business Insider. It’s also still the new kid on the block, relatively speaking anyway.

By Cory Collins
03 Sep 2014

Google Drops Authorship – What You Need to Know

As of Thursday, August 28th, Google’s canceled the Google Authorship program, dropping all support of Google Authorship from search. This marks the end of just over three years of support of Google Authorship, which Google originally released in June 2011.
By Andrew Dennis
02 Sep 2014

How to Use Google Trends to Track Industry Shifts – Tutorial Tuesday

In this edition of Tutorial Tuesday I want to cover the Google Trends tool and how it can be used to track trends within your niche or industry. Google Trends can also be used to discover existing trends within unfamiliar niches.
By Cory Collins
28 Aug 2014

Links Are The Backbone Of The Web

I’ve had hundreds of conversations about a myriad of different link philosophies with clients, colleagues, friends, and even poor unsuspecting people who had the audacity to ask me about my job.

Today I want to discuss a philosophy near and dear to my heart: links are the backbone of the web.

By Andrew Dennis
27 Aug 2014

How Social Media Complements Link Building

Link building is essential to visibility within search. To be successful a link builder must always be looking for ways to increase their efficiency, which includes leveraging other online marketing strategies.
By Jesse Stoler
26 Aug 2014

How to Create a Keyword List with Übersuggest - Tutorial Tuesday

Welcome to another installment of Tutorial Tuesday, our weekly series here on Linkarati! This week, I will be highlighting Übersuggest, a keyword suggestion tool available for free to the public at large.