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By Krystian Szastok
03 Nov 2014

5 Methods to Improve Your Link Outreach Reply Rate

If you work in outreach the reply rate is probably one of your biggest hurdles. In our day and age bloggers and journalists receive so many inquiries that they don't have the time to reply to all of them - sometimes they don't even have a chance to review them all.
By Cory Collins
30 Oct 2014

6 Characteristics of Good Websites - Link Prospecting

Once you've audited enough websites you'll quickly learn what to look for when determining whether the website is authoritative, or even quality, no matter the niche, industry, purpose, product, or size of the website.

By Andrew Dennis
29 Oct 2014

Why the SEO Community Could Benefit From Matt Cutts’ Return

Although I don’t always agree with the way Cutts handles things and have often been frustrated by the ambiguity of his statements, I must say I wish he would come back to work for Google.

By Jesse Stoler
28 Oct 2014

Using Blog Commenting for Engagement and Link Opportunities - Tutorial Tuesday

Welcome to another installment of Tutorial Tuesday, our weekly educational series! This week, I will be discussing how to find link opportunities in blog comments.
By Andrew Dennis
27 Oct 2014

Matt Libs Contest Winner: Nick Eubanks

Well everyone, the Matt Libs Contest has come to a close and we have selected a winner. Congratulations to Nick Eubanks for winning the Matt Libs contest hosted by Page One Power in conjunction with /r/BigSEO! As per the contest rules, Nick will receive a free 16GB iPad Mini with Wi-Fi.

By Andrew Dennis
23 Oct 2014

Building Authority While You Build Links

Demonstrating your authority within your niche can be very powerful. Cultivating a reputation of authority for your company, brand, or employees develops trust with existing customers and can also attract new clients.

By Jesse Stoler
22 Oct 2014

Penguin 3.0 or 2.2?

On Friday October 17, some SEOs noticed volatility in the SERPs. Sites that were previously punished by Penguin were all of a sudden regaining rankings. There was no confirmation from Google about the catalyst for the shakeup (hardly atypical). Nevertheless, a general consensus seemed to form: this was Penguin 3.0.

By Cory Collins
21 Oct 2014

Using Gmail Canned Responses for Link Building Outreach - Tutorial Tuesday

This week I’ll be covering how to create a link building outreach template with Gmail, while of course leaving room for customization. Specifically I’ll show you how to enable and use canned responses within Gmail.
By Brad Shorr
20 Oct 2014

The Art of Content Link Building

Content link building is an art and a science. This article focuses on the “art part” – composition. Why? Because no content link building program has a chance unless high-quality content is at the foundation.
By Cory Collins
16 Oct 2014

SEO Trends & The Value of Links

Right now, some of the hottest topics in the SEO industry are content marketing, what role an SEO should play in content, and the future of link building. Today I want to talk about SEO trends and the value of links, both on the web and in search.