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By Jesse Stoler
16 Mar 2015

A Recap of Our Twitter Chat, #LinkaratiChat

On Thursday, March 12, we held our first Twitter chat. We decided to do it two weeks ago at most. Recently, our staff writers have been participating in chats like the #semrushchat and the #mentionchat. We've learned some interesting tricks from other people in SEO while doing these chats. So they're educational - they're also pretty fun too.

By MeghanCahill
12 Mar 2015

SEO Spotlight: Mark Traphagen

In the land of SEO and marketing blogs, we spend most of our days discussing strategies, methods, best practices and other professional philosophies. It’s time to get personal. We wanted to hear the stories behind some of the industry’s most distinguished and notable personalities. Our first interview subject should be a familiar name to anyone in the digital marketing realm: Mark Traphagen.

By Andrew Dennis
11 Mar 2015

Social Signals & SEO (Short n' Sweet SEO)

Here on Linkarati we tend to err on the side of verboseness at times. We wanted to try switching things up to see if we could deliver content in a “bite-sized” format that was still as valuable as our long-form content. So without further ado, here is our first foray into what we affectionately call "Short n' Sweet SEO". Enjoy!

By Cory Collins
05 Mar 2015

Linkarati Live Webinar 2/24 - Video and Recap

Hello everyone! Welcome to the recap of our Linkarati Live webinar, where we spent an entire hour responding to audience questions exclusively.

SEO, Sexism, and Sales - I'm Not Your "Sweetie"

I grew up in a home where I was taught I had the potential to do anything. I was shocked at my first trade show in New York by how I was treated, and how I was dismissed. This is the story of how I fought back.

By Andrew Dennis
03 Mar 2015

Using Advanced Search Strings for Directory Link Building – Tutorial Tuesday

In previous editions of Tutorial Tuesday we’ve discussed using advanced search modifiers for finding brand mentions and EDU link prospects, and to track a competitor’s guest blogging campaign. In fact, there are a number of different ways you can leverage advanced search strings for link building, and today I would like to walk through how to use them for finding worthwhile directories.

By MeghanCahill
26 Feb 2015

Link Building: Myths and Misconceptions

Misconceptions and myths still abound in the strange world of SEO. Let’s take a look at a few of the commonly heard questions regarding link building.
By Jesse Stoler
25 Feb 2015

Finding Influencers on LinkedIn - Tutorial Tuesday

LinkedIn is a platform often misconstrued as solely for job seekers; Facebook meets Monster. That’s not necessarily incorrect. LinkedIn provides a bevy of opportunities to connect with potential employers. It doesn’t have to be in a job seeking capacity however.

By Cory Collins
19 Feb 2015

John Mueller Says to Avoid Link Building: A Link Builder's Response

On Friday, a Google employee recommended avoiding link building. But let’s not take this out of context. Here’s the full story.
By MeghanCahill
17 Feb 2015

Email Subject Line Best Practices -- Tutorial Tuesday

Remember those silly dandruff shampoo commercials from the 90’s? The ones that intoned we’d never get a second chance to make a first impression? Unlike many marketing aphorisms of the late 20th century, this statement still rings true. Particularly for email subject lines.