Advanced Link Building

Link building is both an art and a science, requiring creative thinking and technical skills. Check out these posts on advanced link building strategies to level up your abilities.

By Jesse Stoler
27 Jan 2015

Using Forums to Build Links, Authority, and Engagement - Tutorial Tuesday

A forum link has potential to send decent, qualified referral traffic your way. But more importantly, building a forum link still leads to exposure to a niche audience. Forum link building will also compel you to spend time interacting and engaging with users interested in your niche. It’s relationship building

By Colin Eggleston
25 Nov 2014

Using BuzzStream and Moz for Efficient Website Prospecting - Tutorial Tuesday

In this installment of Tutorial Tuesday I want to walk you through using BuzzStream and Moz in order to turbocharge your site prospecting prowess. The goal will be to save time, and find better sites. Let’s get started!

By Andrew Dennis
12 Nov 2014

Finding and Leveraging New Audiences for Links

Leveraging new audiences is incredibly important in online marketing. New audiences mean more exposure for your content, brand, and company. Improving brand exposure is always a marketing win, and increased exposure can also equate to more links.

By Andrew Dennis
23 Oct 2014

Building Authority While You Build Links

Demonstrating your authority within your niche can be very powerful. Cultivating a reputation of authority for your company, brand, or employees develops trust with existing customers and can also attract new clients.

Creating a Prospecting List for BuzzMarker with Unlinked URLs - Tutorial Tuesday

Almost daily, I run into the problem of having to manually copy and paste each site into my browser address bar to evaluate each website to determine if it is a possible target. That’s why I want to share a method I've used to quickly create a Prospecting list in BuzzStream with a list of unlinked URLs.

By Andrew Dennis
23 Sep 2014

Using Advanced Search Modifiers: Finding Brand Mentions – Tutorial Tuesday

Brand mentions are when someone on the web talks about or mentions your company or brand. These mentions can often be leveraged for natural and worthwhile links as your brand is already being referenced. Finding brand mentions should absolutely be a consideration in your link building campaign.

By Cory Collins
16 Sep 2014

404 Link Reclamation Using Google Webmaster Tools – Tutorial Tuesday

In this step by step tutorial we cover link reclamation by finding links pointing to 404 pages on your website via Google Webmaster Tools.

By Andrew Dennis
11 Sep 2014

Niche Analysis in New Industries

Link building is no longer a one-off marketing cost that you can fire and forget. Link building needs to be intelligently and appropriately directed; link building needs to be an accurate representation of your company.

By Jesse Stoler
10 Sep 2014

Ego Bait for Links, Visibility, and Authority

In my mind, Ego Bait is really just about attempting to engage influencers to further amplify your work and build links. It's a very basic marketing/psychology principle - the element of reciprocity. If you positively feature another person, they're more likely to return the favor. In this case, through social media shares and maybe even a link.

By Cory Collins
09 Sep 2014

Using Monitor Backlinks – Tutorial Tuesday

This week I'm covering the tool Monitor Backlinks, to which CEO and founder Razvan Girmacea generously granted me free access for one month to test. Thanks Razvan!