SEO Strategy

If you want to rank consistently in search, you need a strategy. These posts all focus on building a winning SEO strategy.

By Andrew Dennis
20 Nov 2014

Why Digital Marketers Need to Work Together – An SEO's Perspective

Complementary marketing involves multiple facets of your overall marketing strategy working together to deliver the best possible results. Nearly every marketing technique can be made stronger and more effective, when implemented in conjunction with another tactic.

By Cory Collins
13 Nov 2014

6 Free Must-Have Chrome Extensions for Website Analysis

The sheer number of websites SEOs look at per day must be inconceivable to the rest of the general population. Whether it’s for competitor research, link prospecting, SERP discovery, content ideation, backlink exploration, or simply following the Twitter trail deep into the net, we’re constantly examining new websites.
By MeghanCahill
06 Nov 2014

The Skinny on Thin Content and a Century’s Worth of ‘Bad Ads’

Talking about the state of ‘content marketing’ really begs the question: what’s the state of content itself?
By Andrew Dennis
04 Nov 2014

Finding Influencers on Google Plus - Tutorial Tuesday

Google+ is a great place to find influencers because typically these people are very active on social networks. While every niche is different and the popularity of each individual platform will vary, Google+ is big enough that it’s always worth at least looking into when searching for influencers.

By Andrew Dennis
23 Oct 2014

Building Authority While You Build Links

Demonstrating your authority within your niche can be very powerful. Cultivating a reputation of authority for your company, brand, or employees develops trust with existing customers and can also attract new clients.

By Jesse Stoler
07 Oct 2014

Finding Your Competitors' Top Performing Pages with OSE - Tutorial Tuesday

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Tutorial Tuesday here on Linkarati! Each Tuesday, we thoroughly dissect an individual link building process. This week, I will be talking about how to find your competitors’ top performing pages by using Open Site Explorer.

By Jesse Stoler
01 Oct 2014

The Importance of Value Proposition

You know that your site has unique value, but the webmaster you’re pitching doesn’t. If he/she knew that value, you wouldn’t have to be pitching them because they would likely be linking to you already. And the value you can provide for site A can differ from what you can provide for site B. This makes blanket pitches highly ineffective.

I’m talking about value proposition, a crucial component of any marketing campaign. If you don’t explicitly state the value of what you have to offer to your audience, your audience is not going to see it for you.

By Andrew Dennis
11 Sep 2014

Niche Analysis in New Industries

Link building is no longer a one-off marketing cost that you can fire and forget. Link building needs to be intelligently and appropriately directed; link building needs to be an accurate representation of your company.

By Andrew Dennis
02 Sep 2014

How to Use Google Trends to Track Industry Shifts – Tutorial Tuesday

In this edition of Tutorial Tuesday I want to cover the Google Trends tool and how it can be used to track trends within your niche or industry. Google Trends can also be used to discover existing trends within unfamiliar niches.
By Jesse Stoler
26 Aug 2014

How to Create a Keyword List with Übersuggest - Tutorial Tuesday

Welcome to another installment of Tutorial Tuesday, our weekly series here on Linkarati! This week, I will be highlighting Übersuggest, a keyword suggestion tool available for free to the public at large.