Link Building

Links are the backbone of the web and one of the strongest signals for determining search rankings. These posts will teach you how to build valuable backlinks for your website.

By Andrew Dennis
08 Oct 2014

5 Potential Red Flags in Your Backlink Profile

Identifying these issues within your profile will help guide you to remove useless links that don’t make sense from a human perspective.
By Andrew Dennis
02 Oct 2014

Why I Love Link Building (SEO)

I love link building. I’ll admit that’s not something I’d have ever imagined saying just three years ago – because frankly I didn’t know what link building was.
By Cory Collins
30 Sep 2014

Creating an Outreach List with Google Docs - Tutorial Tuesday

Each and every week we work hard to bring you a simple, easy to follow tutorial on an SEO or link building process, tactic, or strategy. This week we’ll be focusing on creating a useful, functional outreach list for free with Google Docs.
By Cory Collins
24 Sep 2014

Improving Outreach Response: 5 Human Methods

To build real, worthwhile links requires an intentional, editorial effort from another human behind a relevant website. The game of link building (really all of marketing) then is to convince another person that you’re worthy of their audience, their exposure.
By Cory Collins
28 Aug 2014

Links Are The Backbone Of The Web

I’ve had hundreds of conversations about a myriad of different link philosophies with clients, colleagues, friends, and even poor unsuspecting people who had the audacity to ask me about my job.

Today I want to discuss a philosophy near and dear to my heart: links are the backbone of the web.

By Andrew Dennis
27 Aug 2014

How Social Media Complements Link Building

Link building is essential to visibility within search. To be successful a link builder must always be looking for ways to increase their efficiency, which includes leveraging other online marketing strategies.
By Adegboye Adeniyi
25 Aug 2014

How to Build Links by Piggybacking on Your Competitor

Here's how to use Open Site Explorer to build links with your competitors' data.
By Jesse Stoler
20 Aug 2014

Link Quality, Not Quantity

If you operate a website and you want people to find it, you don’t just want links; you NEED links. What you don’t need is all of the links. Not all links are good. In fact, a lot of links have the potential to damage your optimization efforts.

By Cory Collins
13 Aug 2014

The Importance of Finding And Seizing Link Opportunities

What is opportunity link building? It’s the act of spending time to research and understand your client’s business, website, brand, industry, and activities, with the specific intent of finding link opportunities based upon already existing behavior. And then seizing upon these link opportunities.

By MeghanCahill
28 Jul 2014

In Search of the ‘Golden Spikes’ – Link Building and the Gilded Age

Needless to say, the internet is no longer the lawless, open-prairie frontier of yesteryear. Gone are the days of arid wastelands, circling buzzards…and font-size-48 blinking text.