Basic SEO

The term SEO encompasses a wide variety of tactics and techniques, which can be intimidating if you're just getting started in the field. These posts take it back to basics so you can build a strong foundation of SEO knowledge.

By Peter Buffington
18 Sep 2018

The Real Gold: Learning from On-Site Search Data

Get ahold of some customer research gold: your website's on-site search function can reveal what visitors are really want from your website.
By Olga Andrienko
10 Sep 2018

Crafting Content Magic: Applying Keyword Research to Content Marketing

SEMrush's Olga Andrienko explains the role of keyword research in content marketing. Learn to create content for your audience and draw them to your site.

Rethinking Conventional Keyword Research

Ahref's Tim Soulo explains why search volume metrics can limit your understanding of the traffic potential for targeting a given keyword.
By Matt Vazquez
15 Aug 2018

Why Thinking Like Your Customers Is Important for Keyword Research

To reach your customers on the web, you have to understand how they think. Matt Vazquez explains how to connect with customers for better keyword research.
By Nicholas Chimonas
25 Jul 2018

You're Not Ready for Link Building...Yet!

Nicholas Chimonas explains what you need to know before you begin a link building campaign, including a checklist to help you make sure you're prepared.
By Andrew Dennis
19 Jul 2018

Promoting Undervalued and Forgotten Assets for Links

Learn how to discover and promote the undervalued content assets on your website to earn valuable backlinks and drive better search engine rankings.
By Cory Collins
19 Jul 2018

Keyword Research to Increase Traffic Using SEMrush

This basic keyword research tutorial walks readers through the process of identifying keyword opportunities that drive traffic, using the tool SEMrush.
By David Farkas
19 Jul 2018

The Practical Beginner’s Link Building Toolkit

Ready to build your first link? This article will help you get your toolkit ready. Find out which SEO tools and skills you need to start building links.
By Joe Oliver
18 Jul 2018

Link Builder Spotlight: Katie Wiese

This interview, featuring Page One Power's Katie Wiese, discusses link building from the perspective of an experienced link builder.
By Sloan Roseberry
05 Jul 2018

Announcing: PAGES SEO Magazine Issue #3 - Technical SEO

Page One Power is proud to announce the launch of PAGES SEO Magazine Issue #3: Technical SEO. In this issue we feature articles from industry experts such as Dr. Pete Meyers, Marie Haynes, and others. This issue will teach you the basics, and even more advanced concepts, of technical SEO.