Basic SEO

The term SEO encompasses a wide variety of tactics and techniques, which can be intimidating if you're just getting started in the field. These posts take it back to basics so you can build a strong foundation of SEO knowledge.

By Kate Smith
03 Nov 2015

Quick On-Page SEO Analysis with Varvy’s Tool Suite —Tutorial Tuesday

If you need to quickly analyze a new client's on-page SEO, Varvy's SEO toolset is a great place to start. This tutorial will show you how and why.
By Paul Madden
09 Sep 2015

Understanding The Link Audit Process

Backlink audits and link profile monitoring is an important function in overall SEO strategy. Paul Madden, with deep experience in the SEO field, explains how to perform a link audit.
By Andrew Dennis
01 Sep 2015

Using for Twitter Chats – Tutorial Tuesday

Participating in Twitter chats is one of the best ways to engage with others online and grow your social influence, and makes taking part in these chats simple!
By Tim LeGore-Hand
25 Aug 2015

How to Manage Local Citations: A Template - Tutorial Tuesday

Citation building is vital for local businesses wanting to rank in local search and Google's "local packs". Tim Hand shares a template to help organize your local citation efforts.
By Andrew Dennis
19 Aug 2015

Local Search (Bite-sized Blogs)

First, it’s important to understand local search and national search are fundamentally different. And because local and national search are different, we must optimize for each in different ways.

5 Changes That Can Help Sites In Boring Niches Attract Links

Moosa Hemani explains five different methods site owners in less exciting industries can use to attract links to their sites.

Why Choose WordPress & Recommended Plugins for SEO

In this post you'll learn why you should choose WordPress to create your website, as well as which plugins can help with marketing and SEO.
By Jesse Stoler
01 Apr 2015

2017 Search Ranking Signals Released

Because I’m such an influencer in the SEO sphere, my friends at Google gave me inside information about the ranking signals of the future. It’s my responsibility as an SEO to keep you informed about the algorithm changes that are coming.

By Andrew Dennis
11 Mar 2015

Social Signals & SEO (Short n' Sweet SEO)

Here on Linkarati we tend to err on the side of verboseness at times. We wanted to try switching things up to see if we could deliver content in a “bite-sized” format that was still as valuable as our long-form content. So without further ado, here is our first foray into what we affectionately call "Short n' Sweet SEO". Enjoy!

By Jesse Stoler
30 Dec 2014

Setting Up Automatic Email Replies in Outlook and Gmail - Tutorial Tuesday

Because it is the end of the year, this week I’ll be explaining how to prepare professionally for the holidays. This post will include steps on how to set up automatic “out of office” emails in Gmail and Outlook.