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By Kaitie Frank
09 Jan 2024

How to Fail at SEO Reporting

Learn how to create effective SEO reports that drive results. Avoid common pitfalls, such as neglecting data fluctuations, relying solely on vanity metrics, overlooking competitor analysis, and ignoring user experience metrics. Address challenges and provide actionable recommendations to enhance your SEO strategies.
By Kaitie Frank
08 Jan 2024

Google Updates Featured Snippet Documentation

Learn about the recent updates from Google regarding featured snippets and how it impacts SEO. Discover the importance of page content and meta descriptions in creating compelling snippets. Find out the best practices for writing quality meta descriptions to increase your chances of being featured.
By Kaitie Frank
26 Dec 2023

How to Maintain Your SEO, According to Google

Learn how to maintain your SEO and improve your website's search engine rankings according to Google's guidelines.
By Kaitie Frank
21 Dec 2023

Google Updates Guidelines to Better Tackle Non-Consensual Explicit Imagery

Google updated its guidelines to handle non-consensual explicit imagery more effectively. The search engine giant clarifies its policies on removal requests and demotion practices for sites with exploitative content. Find out more about these updates and their impact on search engine results.
By Kaitie Frank
20 Dec 2023

Elements of Trustworthy Sites, According to Google

Learn how to build trust with your website visitors and improve your rankings on Google. Discover the key elements of trustworthy sites, including external links, security measures, accurate main content, positive reputation, and good user experience. Enhance your website's credibility and increase user engagement with these essential tips from Google.
By Kaitie Frank
19 Dec 2023

Google Algorithm Volatility Spikes Again

Experiencing a drop in rankings? Google's algorithm volatility spikes again in 2023, causing confusion among SEO experts. Learn how to navigate this issue and optimize your site for success.
By Kaitie Frank
18 Dec 2023

Business Hours Now a Stronger Local Ranking Factor — Confirmed by Google

Learn how Google's recent update on local rankings is impacting businesses. Find out how to navigate the new ranking factor and boost your visibility in local search rankings.
By Kaitie Frank
14 Dec 2023

Should You Delete Content: Advice From Google

Is it a good idea to delete old content from your website? Google says no. Learn why keeping old content can still be valuable for users and search engines. Find out the risks involved and how to make the right decision.
By Kaitie Frank
13 Dec 2023

Decoding the Who, How, and Why of Content, According to Google

Learn how to create engaging and valuable content that ranks higher in search engine results. Discover Google's advice on making person-first content and incorporating the "who," "how," and "why" questions. Enhance your content by establishing credibility, delivering information effectively, and establishing a clear purpose. Connect with your audience, provide value, and craft a narrative to capture attention and leave a lasting impact.
By Kaitie Frank
12 Dec 2023

How to Make a Great Page Experience According to Google

Improve your website's page experience with Google's guidance and tips. Learn how to optimize loading speed, prioritize content, and enhance user-friendly navigation. Boost your search engine rankings and user satisfaction.