By Kaitie Frank
26 Feb 2024

Google Test New SERP Feature: Most Read Article Carousel


SEOs noticed a new feature added to the SERPs last week. In an X post, Shameem Adhikarath reported a new “Most-Read Articles” carousel for product queries. 

(Screenshot from X post.)

He also reported that the articles looked to be from Wikipedia and articles with affiliate products. Similarly, SERPAlerts also reported seeing the new carousel:

(Screenshot taken from X post.)

SERPAlerts also stated that the articles featured in the section seem to be articles already ranking prominently in Google’s search results. 

We have not been able to replicate this feature at the time. Search Engine Roundtable’s Barry Schwartz posits that Google is reading click data to determine which articles are read the most. Currently, there is no announcement from Google on the new SERP feature. 

Kaitie Frank

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