By Kaitie Frank
15 Feb 2024

Google Fights Fake Reviews with Updated Machine Learning Algorithm


Google receives more than 20 million reviews every day. These reviews play a crucial role in helping people find local businesses. However, with the rise of fake reviews, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between genuine and fake reviews. 

To ensure that the most accurate data is presented to its users, Google updated its machine-learning algorithm that detects fake reviews.

The system in place continuously monitors contributed content and watches for suspicious activity. In 2023, Google launched an updated algorithm that detected 45% more fake reviews than the previous year. 

This updated algorithm helps detect both one-off cases and broader attack patterns. For example, if a business suddenly receives an influx of 1-star or 5-star reviews, Google’s system will analyze the reviews to determine authenticity. 

Google states that the updated algorithm detects review scams faster than ever before, reporting:

“For example, a network of scammers falsely claimed that for a low fee they would connect people to high-paying online tasks, like writing fake reviews or clicking ads across the internet. Our new algorithm quickly identified this surge in suspicious reviews thanks to its ability to continuously analyze patterns, like whether an account had previously posted reviews on other targeted features.”

Fake reviews can harm a business's reputation and customers. Positive reputations are crucial for local businesses, and the updated algorithm can now detect fake reviews faster than before. 

In 2023, Google: 

  • Blocked or removed over 170 million fake reviews;
  • Protected business owners from over two million attempts to claim business profiles;
  • Removed 12 million fake business profiles;
  • Caught 14 million policy-violating videos;
  • Protected more than 123,000 businesses.

Google's algorithm continuously evolves to keep up with the changing review landscape. In their blog post, they state:

“Reliable information is vital to helping people explore the world, and we know that deceptive content erodes that trust. We’re committed to combating fake reviews, while continuing to collaborate with regulators and the broader industry on this important issue.”

Google also states its willingness to take legal action against review scammers, stating in 2023 they filed a lawsuit against a malicious actor posting fake reviews on Google Maps. 

Businesses can now concentrate on creating high-quality products for their customers while Google helps maintain their online reputation. 

Kaitie Frank

Kaitie is a copywriter and content writer for Page One Power who specializes in SEO-optimized content. She has written for various niches and prides herself in knowing random tidbits of information. In addition to putting words to paper, she indulges in physical fitness and telling her cat why he is, in fact, a good boy.