By Kaitie Frank
20 Feb 2024

Google Tests “Forums” in Search Bar Menu


Google is recently testing an addition to its search engine that allows users to easily filter forum discussions. This latest update brings a "forum" option at the top of the search bar, which users can click on to see discussions related to their query. 

This update seems to be tested only in certain regions. We are not able to test the feature yet. However, SERPAlert on X shared a screenshot of the the new search bar

Furthermore, the "discussions and forum" block that appears in the search results includes a "see more" button. This button takes users to the forum results, allowing them to browse through a range of discussions that are relevant to their query.

Over the past year, Google has been placing more emphasis on forums and discussions in search results. The search engine has been making the SERP more dynamic, giving user-generated content more priority. In November 2023, Google introduced new structured data support for forums and profiles, which has allowed it to better identify collective discussions across the web.

One can monitor their forums in Google Search Console, and the rich results report can provide information related to forum markups, such as errors, warnings, and other details.

It is still unclear whether all forum posts will only be visible under this new filter or if they will also appear in the original SERP. However, it is possible that the top forum results will appear in the original SERP, with additional results in the Forum tab, based on how Google handles Images and Videos in the SERP.

Kaitie Frank

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