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By Kaitie Frank
30 Jan 2024

Google Updates SEO Starter Guide

Google plans to release an updated version of its SEO Starter Guide, reducing the document's length by half. The new guide aims to eliminate redundancy and provide more comprehensive information, consolidating all the guides into one place. While the rankings may be affected, the focus remains on providing useful content for users. Stay tuned for the release of the new guide!
By Kaitie Frank
29 Jan 2024

Google Volatility Strikes Again

Discover the latest speculation on SERP volatility as experts discuss potential algorithm updates and Google Analytics bugs. Stay informed on the ever-changing world of SEO.
By Kaitie Frank
23 Jan 2024

Google Confirms Search Ranking Bug

Google confirms a search ranking bug that affected a small number of websites. Learn how this bug impacted search results and what it means for website rankings.
By Kaitie Frank
22 Jan 2024

Google Terminates Contract With Company that Supplies Search Quality Raters

Google terminates its contract with Appen Limited, raising questions about the future of human involvement in search quality ratings. Will AI replace human intelligence? Find out more in this blog post.
By Kaitie Frank
17 Jan 2024

Google Updates Language on Chrome Incognito Tab Amidst Lawsuit

Google updates language on the Chrome Incognito tab to clarify how user information is gathered and stored. Changes were made in response to a lawsuit claiming Google misled users about browsing anonymously. Learn more!
By Kaitie Frank
15 Jan 2024

Google Updates “Sensitive Events” Policy

Google updates its policy on "sensitive events" to reduce exploitative content during civil emergencies, natural disasters, public health emergencies, terrorism, and acts of mass violence. This new policy will affect Google Ads, Google Merchant Center, Google Adsense, and Admob. Learn more here.
By Kaitie Frank
10 Jan 2024

Google Doesn’t Check Bylines, According to Google Liason

Google Liason reveals that author bylines do not directly impact website rankings. However, publications that use them tend to exhibit other characteristics of helpful content. Quality content remains the foundation of the success of Google.
By Kaitie Frank
08 Jan 2024

Google Updates Featured Snippet Documentation

Learn about the recent updates from Google regarding featured snippets and how it impacts SEO. Discover the importance of page content and meta descriptions in creating compelling snippets. Find out the best practices for writing quality meta descriptions to increase your chances of being featured.
By Kaitie Frank
21 Dec 2023

Google Updates Guidelines to Better Tackle Non-Consensual Explicit Imagery

Google updated its guidelines to handle non-consensual explicit imagery more effectively. The search engine giant clarifies its policies on removal requests and demotion practices for sites with exploitative content. Find out more about these updates and their impact on search engine results.
By Kaitie Frank
19 Dec 2023

Google Algorithm Volatility Spikes Again

Experiencing a drop in rankings? Google's algorithm volatility spikes again in 2023, causing confusion among SEO experts. Learn how to navigate this issue and optimize your site for success.