Competitive Analysis

Keeping tabs on the competition is critical to any successful marketing strategy, and it's no different in SEO. These posts will help you analyze and learn from your competitors so you can beat them in the search results.

By Cory Collins
16 Aug 2016

Keyword research to increase traffic with SEMrush (Video) - Tutorial Tuesday

In this post (and video!) I demonstrate how to use keyword research to increase traffic, identifying which keywords are sending search traffic to your website.
By Andrew Dennis
27 Jul 2016

Link Building Campaigns: Strategy Development (2017)

Link campaigns require customized strategy. In this post I cover step by step how to research and develop a link building campaign, step by step.
By Krystian Szastok
12 Jan 2016

Make Your Content More Heroic With Competitor Analysis

How do you make heroic, epic content? Content that your audience craves? With industry research and competitor analysis! Find successful content and let it inform your content creation process.
By Cory Collins
05 Jan 2016

Content Discovery and Monitoring in 5 Easy Steps - Tutorial Tuesday

Looking to simplify your content discovery process? Want to have your competitors send their best content to your inbox? Check out this tutorial for a 5 step process to passive content discovery.
By Andrew Dennis
29 Dec 2015

Find and Research Influencers with BuzzStream Discovery – Tutorial Tuesday

Today I want to share a process for finding niche influencers with a new tool from BuzzStream named “Discovery”.
By Kate Smith
02 Dec 2015

Search Competitor Analysis with SERPstat— Tutorial Tuesday

SERPstat is a search tool on the rise. We'll show you how it can help you effectively spy on your competitors' search and optimization efforts.
By Cory Collins
30 Sep 2015

BuzzSumo for Competitor Content Analysis Overview – Tutorial Tuesday

BuzzSumo is the premier content analysis tool for insight into social shares within an industry. In this post I'll show you how I use BuzzSumo for competitive analysis.
By Jesse Stoler
21 Apr 2015

Using BuzzSumo for Industry Research - Tutorial Tuesday

Welcome to another installment of Tutorial Tuesday, our weekly series dedicated to highlighting a specific SEO tool, process, or skill. This week, I’ll be talking about how to use BuzzSumo to prepare for a link building campaign.

By Jesse Stoler
25 Feb 2015

Finding Influencers on LinkedIn - Tutorial Tuesday

LinkedIn is a platform often misconstrued as solely for job seekers; Facebook meets Monster. That’s not necessarily incorrect. LinkedIn provides a bevy of opportunities to connect with potential employers. It doesn’t have to be in a job seeking capacity however.

By Cory Collins
16 Dec 2014

Competitor Keyword Research using SEMrush – Tutorial Tuesday

Welcome to another week of Tutorial Tuesday here on Linkarati. This week I’ll be showing you how to check your search competitors’ keyword rankings via SEMrush.