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Why Links Matter [Video]

Posted by Jon Ball on Aug 14, 2014 6:30:32 AM

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Editor's Note: Today we continue our Learning Center video series. As always, you can find the rest of the videos in our Thought Leadership section or on our YouTube channel. We plan to post a video to the blog every Monday and Thursday.


Links are important for two reasons: Google considers a link a vote of confidence from one website to another, and therefore a signal of authority and relevance. Links send traffic from one website to another. In this video, we describe why links matter in the essence of Google’s algorithms. Since we primarily deal with that particular search engine, it’s important to understand what a link means to them and how they can benefit the online world. It can be extremely difficult to build links, but knowing the system can help. Watch the video to learn how crucial it to have links and what, how and why they influence.

Content by Jon Ball

Video Production & Voice Over by Thomas Swisher