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Page One Power + Linkable Content

Years of experience securing powerful backlinks for our clients have taught us which types of pages earn links and attention online.

We have a team of 30+ in-house writers who create content worthy of links, making your site more relevant to the greater web landscape.

Content and links go hand-in-hand. If you want links, chances are you need linkable content first — category or service pages, product descriptions, and thin blog posts are not link-worthy pages. We've spent years identifying and promoting pages worthy of links and we understand what makes content linkable.

We offer 3 different linkable content services to fit your specific goals and content needs.

Linkable Content Services


You receive a strategic blueprint that contains a review of your website and recommendations for creating future link-worthy content. In addition, your plan contains 5 detailed outlines with titles, meta descriptions, relevant keyword themes, internal link recommendations, optimized headers, and explanations of why the content is linkable.


You receive a unique article (800-1,500) words optimized to earn links and capture attention at the top of your marketing funnel. Your post is based on niche research and includes an optimized title tag, meta description, image alt tags, citations, featured image, and optimized internal linking to direct future link equity to your important pages.


You receive a package of 5 unique articles (800-1,500) words designed to earn links and target a well-defined audience at the top of your marketing funnel. Your package is built upon audience research to position your website as an authoritative resource. Each post includes optimized title tag, meta description, image alt tags, citations, featured image, and a diverse internal linking strategy benefitting multiple converting pages across your site.

*= All work delivered within 30 days.

**= All work delivered within 60 days, typical turnaround time is 30 days.


Without linkable content on your site, it's much more difficult to earn the links that will benefit your site. Earning links requires content that is useful, informative, entertaining or valuable in some way.

Still trying to find the best way to plan your content marketing for 2019? Download this free content calendar and start mapping out your strategy!

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Content that's great for your customers often isn't great for earning links. These bottom-of-the-funnel pages are designed to convert visitors, not attract links. Linkable content serves the top of your funnel, reaching people in the discovery phase of your product or service.

we create content that deserves links, and build the links your website deserves.

The Process

We start by reviewing your website to assess your content needs. We identify gaps and provide recommendations on content optimization.


After this analysis our SEO Specialists research your audience and niche to guide linkable content creation.


Using this research, our SEO Specialists develop and share detailed outlines for creating linkable pages.

You review each topical outline for approval, providing suggestions, feedback, or requests for changes (if you purchase the Linkable Content Strategy, the service ends here).

Pending approval, we create strategic posts, optimized to serve a well-defined audience and earn backlinks.

Each article passes through our manual editorial process for quality assurance. After passing through the editorial process, you publish posts through your CMS — we can provide assistance if needed.

After posts are published we begin promoting them for backlinks and attention.

See below for a visual representation of this process.

Creation Process

1. Discovery
2. research
3. Outline
4. approval (strategic plan ends here)
5. Creation
6. Editorial Review
7. Publication
8. Link acquisition

Every site is unique, and we customize your content services to meet

your needs.

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