By Sloan Roseberry
04 Apr 2019

How to Improve Your Approach to Digital Marketing for Faster and Better SEO Results [Checklist]

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Working on SEO initiatives? When everyone's on the same page, you're guaranteed to see better results from your work.

The trick here is that “everyone” means all of your coworkers — not just the marketing team.

It’s a tale as old as the dawn of the digital marketing department: people recognize that SEO is important, but SEO tasks get backburned.

According to a 2017 study by Moz, one of the biggest barriers to SEO success is a lack of organizational understanding around the value of SEO.

Backlogs of work, limited bandwidth, and misunderstandings about roles and responsibilities all stand between the marketing department and a successful search presence.

Whether you’re the manager of a digital marketing department, or you’re just someone on the team that knows search is important — but you’re not sure how to get initiatives implemented — having a holistic understanding of how the different parts of your marketing department should be working together towards search goals is key to seeing success.

SEO might not be your job in the strictest sense, but if your work impacts SEO outcomes, it’s time for you, and everyone else on the team, to take ownership of the elements you influence.

Below is a 5-stage checklist you can use to measure your current SEO efforts, and start seeing better returns from the work your team puts in.

Why this tool will improve SEO outcomes and ROI:

  • It takes time to see SEO results — and time is money. It's important to be sure everyone on your team has the right expectations and is on the right track, prioritizing correctly from the beginning.
  • A fairly common issue in marketing departments, particularly large ones with dedicated SEO specialists, is siloing. This can impact the efficacy of work being completed.
  • The work of many people impacts the outcome of SEO results: designers, developers, content creators, and even the c-suite — you need them all on board!
  • When a team starts to think of SEO specialists as the "owner" of SEO results, they're likely to fall behind in search results. Great SEO starts at the organizational level.

This checklist is designed to help  you evaluate your goals, improve communication across teams, and get more value from your online presence.

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With proper implementation of these tactics, you'll start seeing better results more quickly, and you'll have more people on your team on board and accountable for your success in search.

“When you start to think about it as a marketing function, SEO tends to be siloed. That doesn’t really reflect how great SEO happens.”

— Jackie Chu, Uber | Experts on the Wire Podcast

We hope this checklist helps your team start incorporating SEO initiatives early and often.

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Sloan Roseberry

Sloan Roseberry is a marketing nerd and content strategist and researcher at TSheets + Intuit. She’s a graduate of Boise State and enjoys trail running in the Boise foothills when she’s not furiously typing away in a dark room. You can follow her for the occasional tweet or connect with her on Linkedin.