By Andrew Dennis
21 Dec 2017

Frosty the SEOman (An SEO Holiday Classic)

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Frosty the SEOman,

Was a jolly happy soul.

With a site crawler

And Search Console, and

Two eyes trained for SEO.


Frosty the SEOman,

Is a fairy tale they say.

He helped traffic grow,

And Analytics would show,

How he brought a site to life one day.


There must have been some magic

In those keywords that he found,

For when he built out new pages

Organic traffic came in bounds!

Children bounding.gif

Frosty the SEOman,

Was alive as he could be.

Other SEOs would say

He could improve DA,

From low 20s to 93.


Frosty the SEOman,

Knew that MozCast was hot that day.

So he said, “Let’s run

And test site optimization,

Before our rankings melt away".

Frosty sweating.gif

Down to the site map,

With a checklist in his hand.

Optimizing here and there,

Internally linking with care,

Saying “Improve page speed if you can”.


He led crawlers to the right pages

With robots.txt;

And he only paused a moment when

He found a 403!


Frosty the SEOman,

Had but one task left to do.

With his onpage tight

And his content right,

He needed some backlinks too.


Linkity, link, link;

Linkity, link, link;

Look at Frosty go

 Frosty chillin.gif

Linkity, link, link;

Linkity, link, link;

Making traffic grow!


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Happy holidays and happy linking everyone!

Andrew Dennis

Andrew Dennis is a Content Marketing Manager at Shopify. Andrew is an alumnus of the University of Idaho and consequently a lifelong Vandals fan. You can connect with Andrew on Twitter or LinkedIn.