By Andrew Dennis
12 Nov 2019

Queries and Results - Content Creation and Link Building [VIDEO]

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We're very excited to announce our new video series — Queries & Results!

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In this series we will deep-dive into a variety of SEO issues and challenges that we see daily with our clients. The format for these videos will be a roundtable discussion with Page One Power employees and outside experts as well.

We will be producing these videos as part of an ongoing effort to educate our customers and followers, so keep an eye out on social media and subscribe to our YouTube channel and newsletter to get updated when new videos release.

Content Creation and Link Building

Our first ever video covers the critical topic of how content creation and link building are intertwined. Content creation and link building are tied at the hip because these two practices influence the two most important ranking factors in SEO — content and links.

The discussion in this video is lead by Harris McMullin, SEO Consultant here at Page One Power. Joining Harris are his colleagues Senior Content Strategist, Norm Voegele, and SEO Project Manager, Kimberly Brown.

So, without further ado let's jump in!

What is the difference between linkable content and keyword-rich content?

The discussion begins at the start of the video.

Can you consistently link to keyword-focused content?

The discussion begins at 2:29.

Does content specificity create barriers for link building?

The discussion begins at 5:36.

How do the different types of content (top, mid, and bottom funnel) work in a link building strategy?

The discussion begins at 11:33.

How do you create relevant content without being too niche?

The discussion begins at 16:42.

Do you recommend internally linking to product pages?

The discussion begins at 25:44.

Do you have any advice for keeping content concise and topical?

The discussion begins at 27:07

And that does it! Hopefully you enjoyed our first ever edition of Queries & Results — keep your eyes peeled for more great videos in the future!

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Andrew Dennis

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