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Join us at Linkarati

Posted by Dustin Verburg on Feb 5, 2014 10:58:01 AM

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As you might have noticed, there hasn't been much activity at the P1P blog lately. It's not because we've been slacking (although the marketing department is sometimes easily distracted on Thursday afternoons), but because we've decided to focus our writing efforts elsewhere.

Late last year, P1P's creative team decided on something new. We asked ourselves one question-- do agency blogs ever build up a real community? We've had some amazing guest posts, valuable comments and intense discussion here, there's no doubt about it. We just think we can do more.

With that in mind, we created Linkarati.


Linkarati is a community for All Things Link Building. There are plenty of industry sites that talk about link building from time to time, but link building doesn't have a non-agency home on the web. We want to change that. We aim to offer room for industry creatives to write, film, draw and otherwise articulate their thoughts on link building. We'll have some highly actionable pieces, some editorial content and even some nostalgia for the old days.

Linkarati is a fledgling blog right now, but we have some amazing things in the works. Just wait til Monday!

It's important to note that Page One Power isn't going anywhere. We're still committed to our place as The World's Finest Link Building Firm, we're just moving our high level content to another place. And the best part is that everyone's invited. If you have thoughts on link building and SEO, we'd love it if you'd become a contributor. We already have some brilliant folks lined up. You'll also see some familiar faces.

Link Builders Google+ CommunityIn the spirit of Community, we've also created a Google+ Link Builders Community to take the conversation even further. Click the button to join!


Come join us and talk about All Things Link Building.