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Page One Power + Link Building Training

Do you want to build your own relevant, effective, high-quality links?

Page One Power offers link building training based on years of experience and success.

Our training program is completely customized to your needs; we understand every business, website, and digital marketer is unique.

Our Training


Strategy Call

We discuss your experience and needs, and set training goals.

The initial strategy call assesses your needs in order to customize your training. The call will last 30-45 minutes and does not count against your paid time.

We’ll focus on understanding your current education level, what you want to learn, and how you’d like to learn it.


Custom Syllabus

Your custom syllabus is the documented strategy for your training.

This lesson plan outlines course objectives, topics, and the hourly distribution of your purchased block of time.

To create your custom course, your trainer analyzes your website with our full suite of tools and performs light market analysis and research.


Training Sessions

Sessions are one-hour consultations to learn directly from your trainer.

We’re friendly and flexible—we want you to learn, ask questions, and see the results of your own knowledge and hard work.

Each session is recorded so you can review later. Your trainer will also send additional resources to further explain key topics or philosophies.

Review Our Training Process Guide

Our Link Building Training Includes:

  • Link Building Philosophy & Tactics
  • Penalty Recovery & Link Removal
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical & On-Page Seo
  • Link Building & Content Mktg. Integration
  • Basics of Content Marketing
  • Basics of Content Strategy

our Services


{what others are saying}

Page One Power has done a tremendous job in developing and executing linking outreach strategies for their clients. While most firms look for short cuts, Page One Power understands there are none. The results speak for themselves.

Eric Ward

After working with other SE0 agencies for years and experiencing shady link building practices that ultimately got us penalized with Google, I was relieved to finally find Page One Power. P1P only goes after relevant links on relevant sites. They really took the time to learn our industry and to learn what is important to our business, which ensures we're getting exactly what we pay for. I highly recommend Page One Power to any company that's looking for a quality, white-hat link building agency.

Jenna Charles

Page One Power has been awesome to work with. They communicate regularly and let us see exactly what they're doing. Thanks to them, we've gotten a variety of high-quality links from high-quality sites, and our own sites have risen in the rankings. More importantly, our revenue has risen.

Austin Sheeley