Page One Power was established by two brothers; Jon and Zach Ball in Boise Idaho. The brothers were operating a company called Page One Practice that specialized in doing SEO for dentists. In 2010 Jon and Zach were seeking quality links to help rank their clientele but struggled finding a reliable vendor.

After failing to secure quality links time and time again Jon and Zach started forming their own link building team. Getting information on how to build links was very difficult at the time, but with the help of Eric Ward and other link building experts they started to see success. 
Once the team was established Google dropped the Penguin update in 2012. Soon, Jon and Zach were inundated with requests from other SEO's to provide link building. In late 2012 they changed the name of the company to Page One Power and experienced intense growth for many years.
Thanks to the innovative efforts of the staff and individual link builders over the years Page One Power has taken the role as the top link building firm in the world. Our clientele spans the globe and includes world class brands and mom and pop shops. Through it all we still do everything we can to provide quality links, service and an atmosphere that our staff loves to work in. 

Now we are a passionate, experienced community of dedicated professionals who try to be the link builders you've been looking for.


Jon and Zach Page One Power 2011

Jon and Zach Ball 2011