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SEO Links: Link Juice is Dead

Posted by Jesse Stoler on Jul 31, 2012 5:08:45 PM

From a young age, many children are oft told to finish their juice, depending on what that juice may be. A good glass of orange juice provides roughly 101% of the Vitamin C a person should be consuming on a daily basis. Not only that, but orange juice contains an antioxidant called hesperidin, which improves blood vessel function and ultimately decreases the risk of heart disease. However, there are critics of the drinks that say that the excess in sugar content wipes out the good that the drink provides. An eight ounce glass of orange juice holds about 22 grams of sugar. Compared to that, an eight ounce glass of the soda Dr. Pepper contains roughly 27 grams of sugar, only five grams more. This is why most dietitians do recommend orange juice, but in moderation. Not all juice should be in moderation however. For those in the industry of search engine optimization, link juice is a think of the past and should be treated as such. Relevancy is the key to a quality future proof link building project.

Link juice used to be one of the most important factors in SEO work. Plainly put, link juice, a term coined by famed SEO consultant Greg Boser, is used to determine by the quality / authority of websites. In a basic sense, sites with more link juice are liable to receive a much better placement in the search engine ranks for sites like Yahoo, Bing and most importantly Google. Acquiring ample link juice used to be the thing to do and at the beginning gaining link juice was not as complicated as one might expect it to be. Throughout the last decade search engines saw all kinds of black hat techniques that came and went, and the link juice was flying, so Google and other search engines sought to regain control. Hence the big updates and headlines from the JC Penny scandal, panda update and most recently the penguin updates.

This is why as we sit back in out chairs with link building clients everyday and watch as link juice becomes more irrelevant than ever before. Link juice is so convoluted and bizarre that to talk about link juice is like talking about asbestos as a great home insulation solution.

Link relevancy has replaced Link juice. For example if you are trying to sell “ipad covers” online and you’re looking for a great site to get a link on and you find a site that has “high” page rank but it's about home health care you could chase the page rank even though the site has no ancillary value besides its “page rank”. Whereas I’d recommend that you find a site that’s about tech accessories and although it has a lower page rank the site weaves you into what is relevant for your niche.

I like to think of how a site can become part of the fabric of its online universe. Where would you want your site to be if search engines did not exist? Answering this question can lead to the answers you need for relevancy. When you're looking to undergo a link-building project ensure that you identify the sites and spaces you want to get links on and go after those. Make a wish list of highly relevant sites that you would love to get on and work down the list.

Weaving your site into the relevant sites in your niche tells search engines that you are important within your niche. Avoid chasing irrelevant sites because they have “high” page rank. Don’t lose site of the concept that you want your site on other sites that make sense in a world without search engines, using this principle will help ensure your link building is future proof.