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About Us

Page One Power is a custom link building firm located in Boise, ID. Founded and led by two brothers, Jon Ball and Zach Ball.

Page One Power takes a customized, relevancy-first approach to white hat link building. We work with a limited number of highly motivated clients ranging from small businesses to world-class brands. All of our clients have one thing in common — they’re focused on getting top search engine rankings that stand the test of time.

Search marketing experts agree that a solid, thoughtful link building campaign is an important part of any successful SEO strategy, but many site owners lack the time and/or expertise to execute a cohesive and consistent link building plan.

We’re experts at all things link building because we’ve put in the time and effort.We understand how to execute an effective link building campaign for almost every niche because we've done it before. We also understand that not every website is ready for a link building campaign. We help our customers get their websites ready to reap maximum benefits from our links.

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to build relevant, sustainable links with efficiency and care. Clients from all walks of life and nearly every industry imaginable — from mom and pop shops to companies with household names — come to Page One Power when they need a solution to their link building problem.

Every Page One Power link building campaign is customized. We work hard to understand each client’s specific industry needs through ongoing collaboration. Our link building expertise, combined with our clients’ own valuable knowledge of their own industries ensures that each link we build is both relevant and effective.

Our focus on good, relevant links that make sense has led to increased search rankings for clients around the world.

We understand what it takes to achieve high search rankings for our clients’ keywords, and we’re willing to do what it takes to craft an effective link profile for everyone we serve. We expect the best from ourselves and we give the best to our clients — that’s our commitment to you.