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Learn How To Launch An Effective Link Building Campaign With These Overlooked Basics:

With this FREE 87 page Ebook, You’ll:

  • Learn how link buliding increases search traffic, brand awareness, and revenue
  • Learn the anatomy of a good link
  • Understand the fundamentals of link building and why they matter
  • Learn how to successfully build valuable, relevant links that stand the test of time
Okay, enough with generalities. What’s in this eBook and why is it worth my time?

Great question. This eBook is worth your time because the information is valuable, actionable and easy to understand.

This book gives you a treasure trove of information, including:

  • The history of link building
  • Campaign launch preparations
  • Link analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Link reclamation
  • Finding web mentions
  • Local link building
  • Building links through relationships

This eBook also gives you access to the best link building tool in the world. What more could you ask for?

I’m a beginner. In fact, I’ve never built a link in my life. Will this book work for me?

Heck yes! The first chapter of the book is called ‘What is Link Building?’, so we have a feeling that you’ll catch on pretty quickly. Every concept and every bit of actionable advice is presented with concrete examples, screen shots and step-by-step processes. We won't lie to you — this isn't always simple stuff. We did, however, bend over backwards to explain it in an easily understandable manner. We think you’ll do great.

I'm done with all of that beginner stuff.I'm over it.What's in this eBook for me?

This book holds many treasures for you, Intrepid Link Building Veteran. We’re sure you’ve heard about and read about all of the concepts and tactics we mention in this book, but we can teach you to use them better. There’s always more to learn and you can always dig deeper. Our examples, screenshots, and actionable advice are easy to incorporate and follow.If you're already familiar with this stuff, this eBook will make successfully executing these tactics second nature. You’ll develop a sixth sense. For link building.

Why is this eBook free? What’s the catch?

This is another astute question. Nothing gets by you, does it?

Nothing is ever 100% free. Someone paid something for it at some point along the line.

There’s no monetary cost to you, but we do require you to sign up for our newsletter, tweet about the book or share it on Facebook. We worked hard on this book and we want more people to see it (and, as a result, we want more people to learn about us). It’s that simple.

Who wrote this eBook? Why Should I trust them?

We hear you. Misinformation is rampant in the SEO world. People try to sell snake oil all the time. So why should you trust us?

Well, we’re a pretty trustworthy link building firm. We pride ourselves on our core beliefs, our transparency and our work ethic. These three factors have made us pretty successful but, more importantly, it’s who we are. We walk the walk.

Beyond that, this eBook was written by the best and brightest members of the Page One Power team. They’ve all been in the link building trenches,and they've all used these tactics to raise client search rankings, traffic and revenue. They’ve been there, so they know what they’re talking about.

If I don’t understand something in the eBook, or if I have general questions, can I contact you?

Absolutely! We’d love to answer your questions and it’s pretty easy to contact us.

Thank you.

That isn’t a question, but no—Thank You!

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