52 Curated Resources

The success of your overall project typically hinges on your ability to effectively outreach. Even if you are good at link prospecting and have spectacular content to offer the world, if you lack refined outreach techniques, your link building campaign is likely to fail.

The point is – outreach is important!

Due to the significance of outreach to effective link building, it’s not surprising that there is a wealth of articles out there covering a wide range of related topics. We’ve put together this curated outreach resource guide to help you improve your outreach and perhaps learn some new tactics as well.

You can also download a FREE outreach template to organize your link building campaigns here.

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It's first on our list because most outreach is done via email. This isn't particularly shocking, considering you need to be online to build a link.

It may seem simple enough - send an email to a link prospect, get a link. However, there are actually a number of nuances and best practices associated with email outreach.

Here are a handful of guides to help you get the most out of your email outreach:



Because outreach can be so difficult and nuanced, it can be helpful to work from a proven template. Not only can templates help you craft successful outreach, they can also help you save time.

Here is a list of guides that include some solid outreach templates:



Although all outreach is unique and you should treat every situation differently, there are some common philosophies that can steer you in the right direction. For example, simply being polite and courteous is something many of us forget when we are busy. Implementing the appropriate philosophies into your outreach will help increase your chance of success.

Here are a number of guides that can provide you with the proper ideas and philosophies surrounding outreach:



Email is not the only option you have for outreach, there are a number of other channels you can use.

In fact, there are certain situations where it may actually be more effective to outreach through a more unconventional avenue.

Here are a variety of guides for using alternative outreach methods:



Some of the most important outreach you do will be directed at journalists. Pitching journalists is so important because of the exposure they offer. If a well known and respected journalist is talking about you, lots of people are likely going to see it - which can provide great publicity for your brand.

Here is a list of excellent guides for pitching to journalists:



Outreach is typically one of the most time-consuming aspects of link building. Not only is it time-consuming, but outreach can also be a bit monotonous at times. Finding ways to effectively scale your outreach will improve efficiency so you have time to focus on other aspects of your campaign.

Here are some helpful guides for scaling outreach:



There are a number of tools that can help you streamline your outreach process as well as help with organization.



Sometimes you need to get creative with your outreach in order to be effective. Thinking outside the box can often make your outreach stand out from the crowd, which can be vital to outreach success.

Here are a number of different guides that offer creative outreach techniques:



Outreach can be a numbers game so you want to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed. One way to do this is by studying some of the data that has been compiled surrounding outreach.

Here are a few helpful outreach case studies:



Recently there has been some confusion surrounding guest posting. Despite the FUD Google has been spreading, guest posting remains a valuable technique for getting your content/brand out in front of a new audience. While low-quality/spammy guest posting will get you into trouble with Google, there are still legitimate ways to guest post.

Here is a collection of guides that can help you with guest posting outreach: