By Andrew Dennis
27 Oct 2014

Matt Libs Contest Winner: Nick Eubanks

ipad mini

Well everyone, the Matt Libs Contest has come to a close and we have selected a winner.

Congratulations to Nick Eubanks for winning the Matt Libs contest hosted by Page One Power in conjunction with /r/BigSEO! As per the contest rules, Nick will receive a free 16GB iPad Mini with Wi-Fi.

Thank you to everyone who participated as we loved reading all your creative and hilarious Matt Libs. Although the contest is over, Matt Libs will remain on Linkarati so please feel free to stop by and fill out more libs for your own amusement. Thanks again, and we hope you all have enjoyed Matt Libs as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Here is Nick’s winning Matt Lib:

Well I think link networks still have many, many years left in them. But inevitably what we’re trying to do is figure out how an expert black hat would say this particular link matched their information needs. And sometimes link networks matter for that, it’s helpful to find out what the reputation of a site or of a link is, but for the most part people care about the quality of the dollars on that particular link – the one that they spammed on. So, I think over time link networks will become a little less important – if we could really be able to tell Danny Sullivan paid this SEO or TOP SEO's paid this SEO, something like that, that would help us understand this is something where it’s an expert, an expert in this particular field, and then even if we don’t know who actually paid something, Google is getting better and better at understanding actual paid media.

So, one of the big areas that we’re investing in for the coming few months is trying to figure out how to do more like a spammers computer, so really screw with search. The sort of search where you can talk to a link seller and it will be able to understand you. So you’re not just using keywords. In order to understand what someone is saying like, “How tall is Wil Reynolds?”, and then “When was he born?” To be able to know what that’s referring to – he is referring to Wil Reynolds – that’s the sort of thing where in order to do that well we need to understand natural paid media more. And so I think as we get better at understanding who paid something and what the real meaning of that content is – inevitably over time there will be a little less emphasis on spam. But I would expect that for the next few years we will continue to use spam in order to assess the basic reputation of pages and of sites.


Andrew Dennis

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