By Andrew Dennis
04 Feb 2014

Introducing the Link Builders G+ Community


There are Google+ Communities for just about every topic imaginable. There are particularly a large number of communities dedicated to “internet marketing” or “SEO”. While these industries are represented extensively, link building specifically is lacking a legitimate Google+ community. At Linkarati we are hoping to change that with the launch of the Link Builders G+ community. The Link Builders community will aim to fill this gap by providing a viable platform on G+ for link builders and those who have questions about link building to gather and engage.

Cultivate a Link Building Community

As Linkarati is the destination for all things link building, the Link Builders community will be its G+ equivalent. “Link Builders” will aim to grow and develop a community based around link building, for those working in the industry and those who may have questions related to link building. It will provide a central location on Google+ for these people to gather and interact with one another.

Discuss Industry News/Issues

One of the main goals for the Link Builders community will be to provide a place to discuss current news and issues related to the link building niche. Link builders can discuss news that impacts link building (i.e. the Matt Cutts guest blogging debacle) and offer insights/opinions to find solutions together.

The community will also provide a place for those with link building questions to ask them and have them answered by industry experts and professionals.

Share Tips/Strategies

Another objective of the Link Builders community is to create a platform where link builders can share helpful tips and strategies. “Link Builders” encourages its members to share their own link building posts - be it philosophy, tips, tricks, thoughts, or even opinions. It is a place where sharing your own content is okay, as long as it adds value to the overall community and meets the community standards.
This way members can extend the reach of their own content, as well as find helpful tools and articles that someone else has shared.

Share Industry Events

Finally, the community will also offer a place to find information on events related to the link building industry. Members can find information on when and where industry events are happening, ticket price information, and who the prominent speakers at each event will be.

Members who attend these events can also post summaries/analysis of their experiences and the events themselves to provide insight for those who were unable to attend.

There is a void on Google+ for link builders and those specifically interested in link building to gather. This community will aim to fill that gap and create a central location for people to engage with each other and discuss link building.

If you are an industry expert or professional looking for a place to interact with your peers and others in the link building industry OR you are simply looking for more information on link building and want to know more about link building best practices, join the Link Builders community now.

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Andrew Dennis

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