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Essential Link Building Tools

Posted by Jesse Stoler on Oct 11, 2012 10:21:08 AM

There are many jobs that require an employee to be ready equipped with some sort of toolbox.  The person that fixes the sputtering engine on your car is going to have one.  The company you call to repair your slowly collapsing front deck is going to send over a guy with a rather hefty toolbox most likely.  In fact, according to the New York Times, jobs that require these kinds of tools are among the few that have not been cut so drastically in the last four years.  As Princeton economist Alan Binder said, “You can’t hammer a nail over the internet.”  Link building is another industry that hasn’t seen this decrease.  If anything, the industry is positively booming.  Link builders may not bring a wrench or a hammer to their computers, but they certainly have tools of their own.


Whitespark offers link builders a nifty local citation tool, in which the link builder can simply enter the relevant location and business type into the search bar and a list of potential link targets will appear moments later.  It’s one of the easiest tools for link builders on the market.


Contacting site owners and webmasters can be one of the most hassling and complicated processes for a link builder, especially for a team of link builders.  BuzzStream compartmentalizes the process, assigns tasks and offers a variety of methods to contact the sites in question.

Open Site Explorer

Every business wants to know what their competitors are doing, especially when those competitors are succeeding.  After a quick search, Open Site Explorer will show the inbound links of your competitors, as well as the anchor text they use and the domain authority of the sites they link with.

Mechanical Turk

This Amazon tool wasn’t necessarily designed for link building, but link builders have found ways to manipulate for their purposes.  They have found that it is a wonderfully resourceful tool for finding and categorizing a whole host of pertinent and relevant sites.


Although it is one of the most complicated to use programs around, Raven offers an unusual abundance of features and is one of the most comprehensive programs available for link builders.  It will do everything from research the pages of potential link partners, offer contact information and monitor your social media.


Just like Mechanical Turk, Tout wasn’t built with link building in mind.  Tout is an easy use e-mail program that will produce contact information for websites, build e-mail templates and even create e-mails for the user.  Needless to say, many link builders have found this to be a convenient resource.


If Raven has a competitor for the most comprehensive and most powerful link building program around, it’s Ontolo.  If anything Ontolo beats even Raven when it comes to automated link processing and competitor research.  While using it the program can be a daunting undertaking, and possibly built only for the experts, it’s proved to be worth it for the users.


Google algorithms have been placing a great emphasis on backlinks recently, penalizing sites that have an extensive list of SPAMMY backlinks.  WhoLinkstoMe will help you go through your list of backlinks, scan their data and content and help you figure out if that link is beneficial or a danger to your site.

Citation Labs

When it comes to link building, relevancy of target sites is one of the most crucial components.  Finding those relevant sites can be quite challenging too.  Upon a prepared search term, Citation Labs will generate a filtered report that will produce websites that are relevant to the term used.  If used properly, Citation Labs is one of the most effective link building tools available.

Wordtracker’s Link Builder

This tool has only been available for link builders for a short amount of time, but it’s already proved to be very popular, and some link builders would say it’s downright essential.  Link Builder is very adept at identifying target sites and categorizing them by relevance in an easy to read report.

These are just some of the tools that make the life of a link builder so much easier.  But even as resourceful, informative and convenient as these tools can be, link builders are not going to get anywhere without the use of their most important tool: The brain.

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is an assistant editor, head writer, content developer and link builder at Page One Power, where his direction has provided dozens of employees with the insight and skills needed to make their clients rank. In addition to online marketing, Stoler is a thoughtful leader and he provides guidance to his team of fellow writers while also finding new, innovative ways to link build.
Outside of work, his hobbies include stand-up comedy, acting and rooting hopelessly for the New York Knicks. You can connect with him on Google+.
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