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What We Need: Linkable Content

Your site is reviewed to ensure we’re able to deliver the links you need on pages relevant to your industry and audience.



Order is placed, reviewed, and approved.


Our content team brainstorms ideas and identifies publishers who may be interested.


We pitch topics to third-party site(s).


Content is created through an internal editorial process.


Post is submitted to the site editor for approval and publication.


The post is published and a Google sheet is shared with you.


At 30 days, we send a status report. If we haven’t yet secured a link, we report work complete.

Individual Link Placement
Frequent Asked Questions

Q. What types of pages will we link to?

Information-based content that doesn’t contain sales or PR material. The page should serve value to your audience, with information pertinent to your industry.

Q. Can I pick specific pages on my website for you to link to?

No, but your input is welcome! You can share preferred pages, which we will review. After review, we discuss where we intend to build links to, and why.

Q. What happens if my link is removed before the page is published?

Our content, including your link, passes through editorial review. If your link is removed in the editorial process, we will build a new link at no cost to you.

Q. What happens if my link is removed after the page is published?

We guarantee your link for 6 months after your link is live. We never pay for link placement, and each link passes editorial review. If your link is removed within 6 months, we will build a new link at no cost to you.

Q. How often can I expect progress updates?

Once your order is confirmed you will receive a Google sheet, which is updated as we complete your link order. Content creation and outreach will be completed within 30 days, with a live link in no more than 60 days.

Q. What if the Domain Authority (DA) of the site changes?

Moz frequently updates its index, which can cause fluctuations in DA. We cannot predict fluctuations, but any changes are typically minimal.

Q. Can I review the sites and content for approval before links go live?

We do not allow site approval prior to outreach. You may provide a do not contact (DNC) list for types of sites you would prefer we avoid.

Q. Will the sites be relevant to my domain?

Domain relevance is part of our site finding process, but often sites will cover a number of topics naturally. Each link will be contextually relevant to your page.


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