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Page One Power + Technical Solutions

At Page One Power, we understand the importance of clean on-page and technical SEO—particularly when it comes to link campaigns.

Our technical SEO audits are crafted specifically to create a foundation for organic search ranking improvements.

Thanks to our expertise in link building, we've discovered the most pressing technical issues that hinder link efficacy and search rankings. We prioritize accordingly and work with you and your team to make solutions happen.

Your technical audit isn't a spreadsheet that gets filed away and forgotten; you also receive dedicated consultation to help audit implementation.

We'll work with you to ensure implementation and creative problem solving with your development team.

Your audit is a roadmap, with consultation to guide you through implementation.

The Process

We perform technical audits on sites of all sizes. The majority of our clients have thousands of pages, although many have hundreds of thousands to millions of URLs.


Technical SEO changes often have more potential impact for larger sites.


Project duration and scope is dependent entirely on your domain's complexity. We always perform a thorough examination of your site pre-contract, in order to determine our most honest estimate of the amount of work required.

Our typical audits start at $2,500. A custom quote is made for special projects or custom consultation.

The first step in our process is a short consultation to assess your specific needs. It is neccessary for us to gain a clear understanding of your site's SEO history, known problems, and business goals.

Then we'll conduct a phone interview with you, your Project Manager, and our head of technical consulting. A spreadsheet will be shared listing the items we require access to, such as Google Analytics and Search Console. Timelines and preferred communication methods will also be established.

Once our audit is complete, we'll have another call to discuss findings and share all the data. If a developer or team is on staff to implement changes, active communication with them will be ongoing to ensure clarity and efficiency.


What We Investigate

Crawlability and Accessibility
Technical Errors
Site Architecture And Internal Linking
Keyword Targeting
Analytics Implementation
Mobile Friendliness
Penalization Risk and Clean Up

Every site is unique, and we customize your audit to meet

your needs.

The Deliverables

In addition to custom reports created for your technical SEO audit, you will always receive set deliverables.

Technical Audit Spreadsheets

  • Explanations of issues discovered.
  • Recommendations and solutions.
  • Prioritization of problems.
  • Additional observations and thoughts.
  • Crawl data associated with recommendations.
  • Active communication with you and/or your developers.

Dedicated Consultation and support

  • Dedicated consultation.
  • Access to your Project Manager.
  • Active communication with our technical SEO expert.
  • Support through the implementation of the audit's findings and our recommendations.


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{what others are saying}

Page One Power has done a tremendous job in developing and executing linking outreach strategies for their clients. While most firms look for short cuts, Page One Power understands there are none. The results speak for themselves.

Eric Ward

After working with other SE0 agencies for years and experiencing shady link building practices that ultimately got us penalized with Google, I was relieved to finally find Page One Power. P1P only goes after relevant links on relevant sites. They really took the time to learn our industry and to learn what is important to our business, which ensures we're getting exactly what we pay for. I highly recommend Page One Power to any company that's looking for a quality, white-hat link building agency.

Jenna Charles

Page One Power has been awesome to work with. They communicate regularly and let us see exactly what they're doing. Thanks to them, we've gotten a variety of high-quality links from high-quality sites, and our own sites have risen in the rankings. More importantly, our revenue has risen.

Austin Sheeley