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5 Link Building Strategies

Posted by Jesse Stoler on Aug 7, 2012 3:07:03 PM

Strategies for Link Building 

Since the beginning of humankind, the most primitive of our ancestors have participated in building.  At the dawn of our species, we made the seismic steps of building fire and building the wheel.  Then the Egyptians built the pyramids, miraculously with the advantages of our modern technology.  Since the origins of the industrial revolution in the 18th century, man has been building at an increasingly accelerated rate.

We built the plough, which represented a breakthrough in agriculture.  We built the railroad, the automobile and the airplane.  A mere 66 years after the invention of the airplane, a man was able to walk on a surface as far away as the moon.  Yet as ingenious as the inventors of these transformative creations were, they couldn’t possibly imagine the new building industry of the 21st century: link building.

How could the Wright brothers possibly understand this field when even many who work in the modern tech apparatus don’t quite know how to utilize it?  It’s a tricky line of work, but there are some simple and legitimate ways to build links in today’s hyper-computerized world.

1. Blog Commenting ( form of social media )

In today’s world, it seems that everyone has an opinion, and to channel their opinionated ways, they setup a blog.  With a large majority of blogs, there is often an opportunity for the site visitors to leave a comment, expressing yet another opinion.  There’s no reason link builders should be avoiding these blogs, particularly in the comment section.  But it’s best not to leave your link at the bottom of your comment; it appears spammy.  Rather, leave your link as a signature.  There are plenty of other commenters that do the same for their own personal blog. 

2. Recap the Month ( content link building )

Even the best writers experience a bout with writer’s block, including F. Scott Fitzgerald.  As a guest poster, it can be hard to conjure up new, fresh ideas.  But if you’re a link builder, you do have to provide content.  After all, that is why people are surfing the internet.  If you need an idea, you can always rely on writing a recap of what happened in your industry over the prior month.  It’s typically a breeze to write, and it will be an easy read for people outside of that industry.

3. Be a Sponsor ( good marketing )

There are few web users who don’t appreciate a good contest every now and again.  It’s easy to reach out to other webmasters of relevant sites and blogs and to ask them to participate in a contest.  If you have the ability to convince them, make sure they advertise the contest on their site, which of course will ultimately provide a link back to yours.

4. Be Social With Your Networking ( duh )

Okay, so maybe not everyone has a blog, but everyone does have a facebook profile, or a twitter.  Social media has taken over digital communication to the point that e-mail, which was once thought of as a technological revelation, has now been rendered somewhat antiquated.  There’s no more ample audience on the internet that on social networking sites.  To avoid link building on these sites would be like a movie studio with a sizable advertising budget refusing to put a trailer in front of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

5. Don’t Be an Online Stalker ( take it easy )

Much like in other areas of life, rejection is bound to occur.  Not every webmaster is going to be keen on whatever is you’re offering.  Some will send word of a flat-out rejection, but a surprisingly high amount will simply just not contact you in return.  Don’t take it personally; that’s just the business.  Certainly don’t contact them back about the same idea.  No one appreciates being intimidated online.  It’s just as easy to move on to the next website and come back to the old one at a later date with a different idea.

Honestly, whole books have been a million and one articles written about the best methods behind superior link building.  There’s no way the best link builders could impart all of their wisdom in shy of 700 words.  These are just some tips that will help those getting off the ground.


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