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Google Releases Analytics for the Android

Posted by Jesse Stoler on Jul 3, 2012 1:47:58 PM

Back in 2005, internet search engine giant Google purchased the Southern California web analytics company Urchin Software Corporation.  That company, founded by Scott Crosby and Paul Muret, had developed a software package called Urchin, which had gained a stellar reputation within the tech industry for its speed and efficiency at processing information provided by bigger web server log files.  Although they had had their financial hiccups, the company was profitable for the majority of its existence, thanks to the utilization of its product by numerous Fortune 500 companies.  Google, itself a Fortune 500 company, cleverly picked up on the assets that Urchin could provide and subsequently invested heavily into Urchin.  Urchin was quickly transformed into what we now know as Google Analytics.  The hugely successful program was unleashed on the public in November 2005.  Not until now, however, has Google Analytics been available as an Android application.

Starting in early July 2012, users of the Android mobile phone will be able to access information from Google Analytics on the phone itself.  Just like on Google, the application will be free of charge.  Google Analytics is beneficial mostly to men and women who are proprietors of a website.  Through the use of JavaScript, the program allows website owners to acquire fairly detailed information about visitors to that website.  Cookies are installed by Google itself, and anonymous information is gathered about a web user’s habits.  Google Analytics will tell website owners if a surfer is a first time user of the site, how long he or she was on the site and the referral that led the user to the site in the first place.  Currently, Google Analytics is far and away the most used web statistics gathering program.  55% of the 10,000 most popular websites use it.

Many Android users have shown great enthusiasm for Google’s decision to allow the program to be an application available for download to the phone.  However, some have argued that the Android version does lack some key features that have made the program such a success.  Unlike the original version provided by Google, the Android application will not provide such resourceful information as keywords, operating systems and browsers used.  With the Android app, site owners will not be able to compare periods either.  And many have already complained that the program has not been successfully reformatted to fit on the much smaller Android screen.

These kind of small, and frankly rather minor, missteps are predictable with the transference of a program like Google Analytics from one medium to another.  Industry experts are certain that later editions will seek significant improvements that will help the Android app mirror the program available on Google.

Google Analytics has proved to be a glorious force for many in the tech industry, particularly web development.  The program has experienced some legal struggles however, all relating to privacy.  Indeed, back in May 2011, courts in the European Union mandated that websites using the software must first get the permission of clients before storing non-essential cookies.  Despite setbacks like this, there’s no doubt that Analytics will continue to be one of the most popular programs distributed by Google, especially now that it is available on the Android.

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