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Link Building Packages

Our Most Basic Link Building Package: 40 Hours/Month.

Our clients have experienced the best results when they buy at least 40 hours (one unit) of link building services a month. If you need quicker results, have more than one site for us to work on, or otherwise need more link building, we can arrange for as many additional 40-hour units as you’d like.

We Sell Our Link Building Services by the Hour.

We sell our link building by the hour because there are so many variables with each project, and because selling our services by the link doesn’t compute.

Every project (based upon niche, strategy, and particular needs) is wildly different, and some projects get great links quickly while other projects require much more effort and time. Your business and website are unique, so a cohesive link building strategy that works perfectly for someone else might not be a good fit for you.

We’ll develop the best possible link building strategy for your site and get optimal results.

We also don’t sell a “number of links.” Promising 100 (or any other number) of links per month is a bad idea. Promising a certain large number of links would compromise each link’s overall quality, relevancy, and integrity.

Instead of promising a certain number of links, we promise to work diligently and effectively within the hours you purchase. We employ a talented, in-house team of outreach specialists, content creators, and SEO strategists. Rest assured that the time you purchase is used wisely by hyper-focused, savvy link builders.

You’ll be getting the best work possible from some of the best minds in the business. The work they do yields results.

How Many Hours Do I Need?

It depends on your project. Every website is unique and every client brings different optimization goals to the table. We welcome the opportunity to review your site and strategize a workable plan.

Like any activity, the more time you invest in it the more effective your strategy is.

The hourly units are intended for one URL (not split up between several), and must be completed within a month’s time.

How Many Links Can You Get In 40 Hours?

We sell hourly packages because we can’t promise a certain number of links per month. Since links are created by people and not by websites, there are plenty of variables when it comes to building good links.

Promising a certain number of links leads to building irrelevant, spammy links that might result in a manual or algorithmic penalty. We only build relevant, sustainable links, and those links are created by humans.

We promise to use our talent, abilities and experience to do everything within our power to create as many effective, relevant links as we can for you each month.

My Industry Is Unique; Can You Build Links For Me?

Yes. We’ve built links for colostomy bags, local newspapers, and free e-cards. If you have a more difficult keyword than those, we’d be surprised. Each client has a unique set of needs, and that’s why our link building projects involve customized strategies that match your brand, your industry, and your keywords.

We work with you to craft an effective link building strategy. You know your industry, your brand, and your website; we know how to build high-quality links. When we work together we can achieve amazing results.

We have done nearly every sort of link building activity you can imagine, including unique content creation, resource link campaigns, and razor-honed outreach projects. We’re not limited in our creativity. Yes, we can build links for you with our link building packages.

Why We’re Different.

For us, link building comes first. We understand that not every link building tactic will yield good results for every website. Everything we do is customized, ethical, and powered by talented human beings.

We know when a site is ready to reap the benefits of link building, and we can help any site get to that level.

We consider ourselves the finest link building firm in the world. Because of this, we’re dead serious about getting links for our clients. Our laser focus has allowed us to become uncanny link builders. Our time and experience in the industry have allowed us to amass large amounts of data and research about link building.

Our office is filled with teams of hard-working guys and gals, each with a link building expert at the helm acting as Project Manager. And no, we don’t outsource anything. It’s all in-house.

We’re also completely transparent. You’ll know about every link we build and every outreach email we send. More detailed information is always available upon request.

Your Custom Link Building Strategy.

Our first task is developing your customized strategy. Once you and your Project Manager agree on the most effective course of action, we get to work using the hours that you purchase from us each month. The number of hours you purchase helps us determine which strategies will be most effective. We also consider your industry, your brand and your marketing goals.

Payments and Contracts.

The plan we customize for you will be made up of long-term objectives but we do not expect you to sign a long-term contract. We accept payments on a month-to-month basis so you are not locked in to a lengthy contract. In order to initiate service all we require is your first month’s payment and a signed month-to-month agreement.

What About Transparency?

As for transparency with your project, our link building firm is second to none.

We keep you informed about every aspect of your link building project. We report everything we do— how many links we’ve built, how many outreach emails we’ve sent, each site we’ve contacted, and anything else you might want to know.

We use our time wisely and we’re proud of our work, so we’re happy to show you the progression of your project as it occurs.

In addition to this unprecedented level of transparency, you will get the direct phone number to your Project Manager's desk. Our reporting is customized to fit your needs. Your link building Project Manager will provide in-depth information about your project upon request and will be happy to provide scheduled reports.

We can meet as often as you’d like, but we get the best results when we work with clients who keep to a regular meeting schedule. This allows us to discuss strategy and make changes to your project as necessary.

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