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SEO Quick Tips: Web Content

Troy Lambert | August 25, 2016

Hi, I’m Troy, a Content Specialist with Page One Power and today we are talking about your web content. 

When it comes to that content, you are going to want more than just fluffy pieces that are like cotton candy, because like visitors to the fair, eventually your visitors are going to want something meaty-er, like a turkey leg.

That meaty content should offer some unique value, something that’s difficult or impossible to find somewhere else. The more flavorful that content is, the more organic traffic it’s going to generate.

You need to have a content meal, rather than just a snack, otherwise your visitors aren’t going to have anything to stay for. There’s nothing wrong with having a sweet dessert, but it shouldn’t be the only thing on the menu.

Thanks for watching another SEO Quick Tip with Page One Power.

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