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SEO Quick Tips : Technical SEO

Nicholas Chimonas | September 6, 2016

SEO Quick Tips : Technical SEO with Page One Power

Hi, my name’s Nicholas Chimonas. I’m the head of Product Development at Page One Power and an amateur mechanic on the weekends. Today we will be talking about the relationship between link building, technical SEO and Jeeps.

A well optimized site is a lot like performance parts in a Jeep. You need them for the Jeep to run well, but you also need gasoline and that’s what links are like. Links power your website, they power a vehicle.

However, all the links and gasoline in the world will do you no good if the technical SEO is not well optimized on the site. You need to make sure your Robots.txt is allowing the right pages to be crawled, that your XML sitemap is telling the robots which are the most important pages and that your site architecture is logical, well structured and keyword targeted.

Thanks for watching another SEO Quick Tip with Page One Power.

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