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SEO Quick Tips : Website Style

Hattie James | December 8, 2016

Today, we're talking about website design and content style. We all have our own personal style and we bring that to our businesses, like here at West Elm.

What does style have to do with SEO? Well, a whole lot as a matter of fact. When designing your website and its content, think about what makes your business unique.

Don't hide behind templates or what you think is the industry standard.

If your restaurant happens to be on Salmon Street, and it's a seafood restaurant, make that central to your website design. Is your law firm full of sports fans? Publish content that blends sports analogies with law literature.

Bringing your style to your website and its content is your way of making your unique story known to your customers.

It also helps SEO specialists like me help you increase organic traffic and, ultimately, conversions.

Thank you for watching another SEO Quick Tip with Page One Power.

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